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Criminal Two

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Teaching / Society / Social Order / Kleptocracy / Every human group believes that it’s wrong for someone to kill you. By a simple extension of logic, similar begets similar, it’s wrong … Continue reading

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Eat Here

HG Wells had Martians invade the earth. Their assaults were irresistable. But just as mankind looked cooked, the Martian saucers began falling out of the sky, Martians, sick unto death, came crawling out of their craft, utterly helpless, dying, then … Continue reading

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Dear Abby

When it comes to grammar and the controversy between prescription and description I’m entirely on the side of description: against prescription, if necessary. Religion prescribes, tells us what to do; science describes: not what ought our laws to be; but, … Continue reading

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Mute Inglorious Milton

Oxymoron of Personality I remember the teacher introducing us to Gray’s Elegy written in a Country Churchyard way back in high school: junior high, could have been grade school. I feel confident that I was introduced to some of its … Continue reading

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Travel Rights

I plant potatoes, the plants flourish. Surely I have a right to eat the potatoes once they develop. Yes. I agree. I’m minding my own business, lolling in the sun, fondling the flank of my woman, when I’m attacked by … Continue reading

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Invasion Minimum

I highly recommend Bill Bryson’s At Home: A Short History of Private Life. My reading remained eager throughout and now I’m still reading it aloud to my beloved Jan. This morning a bit of cud regurgitated for further processing: Speaking … Continue reading

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Wild versus Cultivated

I’m reading and loving Michael Pollan’s Botany of Desire. I’ll be back to tout it further. Great poetry of evolution, of science … Wise understanding of ecology, of what’s “natural” … Beautiful on co-evolutionary stretagies: flower and bee, potato and … Continue reading

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Prayerful Ambiguity

“Aren’t you going to ask to Lord to watch over us? Is that too much to ask?” So pleads the mother in Wes Craen’s The Hills Have Eyes (1977). Is what too much to ask? Is it asking her family … Continue reading

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Active Kleptocracy / Teaching / Society / Social Order / Kleptocracy / Is kleptocracy active? or passive? Is kleptocracy a theft that keeps on thieving? or is it a sin that your grandfather committed and you have no connection with? Did … Continue reading

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Mea Culpa

My Sins: Stupid Stories: No Hole To Hide In Solecisms so embarrassing I shoudda died before committing them: and no hidey-hole is deserved I’ll add more, make this a menu/submenu Air Dump Soot Storm Undergraduate, Morningside Heights, junior or so … Continue reading

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