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One purpose of school is to keep the potentially productive unproductive
while we scan their talents
for ideas to steal.

A new pk post on School’s “Purpose”: distinguishing claimed purpose from demonstrable purpose:
Note: All pk School’s “Purpose” comments derive from the Paul Lauter, Florence Howe article in the NYR of 1969 reverse engineering schools purpose: the institution pretends that it’s purpose is to educate, to foster literacy, to develop thinking skills; actually, the institution’s purpose is to divide the young between labor and management, training both to be docile, to do what’s instructed, to be on time …

throat clearing scribble of 2012 02 11:If we were intelligent, if we were honest, it would be one thing: if we spoke freely, knew how to listen … it would be one thing, it would be a very different one thing.

We say we’re the good guys? How would we know? We’d have to keep honest records: the truth only slips in sideways, through myths, through myths we don’t understand.
We impoverish those who do understand, and who try to say. Crucify Jesus, enthrone Peter, who denied him, sanctify Mary M., who went home, hid, wouldn’t tell: then rewrite, saying she did tell.

Noli Me Tangere
thanx exurbe

(Check out Josoph Campbell’s income. Check out mine. Alan Watts made more than a penny, but exceptions are famous.

One purpose of school is to keep the potentially productive unproductive while we scan their talents for patents to steal.

Society pretends to be moral, intelligent … beloved of God … Society is a cannibal and blood sucker, laying in ambush for whatever it can take over to its own perceived profit: the Romans see the Celts mining salt, the Romans conquer the Celts and administer the salt mine.
Stealing the internet I offered in 1970 so the public couldn’t ever have the effects of what I offered, a lever to pry government off our backs, was a monstrous crime, but still, just one of an endless number, stretching back for thousands of years.
Society has to hear a new idea thousands of times before it begins to hear it, then it claims the idea came from one of its own, not from the crucified divine it ambushed millennia before.

When I was a kid my cousin attended Princeton, ’49. I hear that Tommy had discovered something and that the professor got credit for it. Then I was told that this was standard operating procedure. No one in my family seemed to think, with me, that Princeton was a thief.
Of course I no longer believe that Princeton was a thief in that case: if the professor put Tommy into a position where the discovery was inevitable I see the discovery as belonging to the Princeton “household,” the Princeton department … If my father sends me into the garage to find something to gather the leaves with and I bring back the rake, I didn’t invent or manufacture the rake: I was just helping.
Sutter sends men to build a saw mill on his stream, on his land, developing lumber being Sutter’s idea. Sutter’s men find gold in Sutter’s stream … Sure the men get credit, but it’s Sutter’s gold, Sutter’s mill, Sutter’s kingdom.
Or, if Jesus sent Sutter west, then it’s Jesus’ kingdom, God’s kingdom: Sutter, and the men, helping.

Or is Jesus an institution to steal credit from Sutter, from Newton …?

I think we should share, provided we first balance our population with ecological possibility: not monoculture!

Speaking of stealing, school also steals every child’s right to learn by happenstance. The kid’s time should be his own, once he’s finished his chores. Who knows what we’d discover if left alone.

PS: We’re devoted to monoculture, we don’t want to share, we rewrite culture to make a virtue of selfishness … But all that is trivial compared to our kleptocratic ineptness with regard to sustainability: another idea subverted by theft, by inappropriate administration.
The result should be obvious: nature will flush us away. And it is: all in good time.

Illichian 3Ds Deschool School’s Purpose

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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