In Genesis God walks in the Garden (of Eden) in the cool of the evening. He calls to Adam and Eve, “Where are you?” Adam replies that they were hiding. Because they were naked. “Who told you that you were naked?” Etc.

This was heady stuff when I was ten years old. If God knew everything, how could Adam be hiding? Why would God pretend to Adam that he didn’t already know? …

When I was an infant I never questioned my mother’s right to look in my diapers, to spread-eagle me … (And what could I have done had I objected? As an infant I believed that my mother had a right to inspect my hygiene.) At ten I believed that God knew this and that, that rights were irrelevant where God was concerned. But Jan and I just watched Heavenly Creatures: cops arrest two girls for murdering the mother of one of them: after they’d pried into the dairy of one of the girls!

Note: Two and a half years ago Jan and I began watching DVDs together. Two and a quarter years ago I started assigning my recommendations, starting with the greatest movies from the 20th Century, from around the world: Japan, Italy, Sweden … as well as Hollywood. For a year or so plenty of secondary and tertiary movies have been mixed in. This and that oddity from Down Under has been given a chance …

In Heavenly Creatures a story based in the News is told: two girls, early 1950s, the film from 1994, form a close attachment, authorities, parents, worry about their intensity, mutter about homosexuality …
Note: I paused the movie to tell Jan of the first woman to tell me I “made love like a woman”: Marcia, in 1959 or so. I asked her if she knew whereof she spoke. Oh, sure, she assured me. All the girls at Vasser were at each others’ pussies all the time. She assured me that it was the same at Smith, at Barnard …

(And that reminds me of a great Dorothy Parker joke:
How many bricks to reach the moon?

If every Vassar girl were laid end to end

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.)

End parenthesis, end note.

I ask: what business is it of ours what the friends in the film were to each other?
I admit that fictional characters may be our business — like I see no harm in staring at the genitalia of the illustration in the medical book, but how does it follow that real people are?
If we have a right to read their diary, to peek through their keyhole, to poke in their garbage, to inspect their underwear, do we also have a right to know their bank balance, to forge their signature, to read their e-mail?
Or should we mind our own business (while the FBI pokes in the garbage for us)? (See a number of related posts on Proxies.)

I sure love Orwell!

Meantime: notice how I began: what “Bible” we’re fed as children, what propaganda the state feeds us in school, will determine a great deal of what we assume, what we answer, what we believe …
Note: Of course I didn’t know George Orwell’s work till I was older than ten.

Also on Privacy.

PS Of course I agree that murdering your mother is wrong, as is murdering your friend’s mother, or father … or neighbor, or enemy. (Unless the state tells you to!) But reading the girl’s diary is also wrong, whether she’s suspected of murder or not!
Besides, the Bible (among many things) tells us to let God do the judging. Has any society ever respected that admonition?
I don’t care if a “pagan” is ignorant of God’s recommendations and commands, or if a pagan defies them; but how dare a Jew? or a Christian?
(Or are Christians just Jews with a new accent?)

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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