Cosmology of Pirates

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Mission: to offer a political economic cosmology for kleptocracy

It’s a myth that people ever believed the earth was flat. Some thought it was a sphere held up by Atlas.
What held Atlas up? Why a big turtle, of course.

The joke goes that some wiseacre traveled to the top of the Himalayas to ask the wise man what held the earth up. “Atlas, and a turtle,” the wise man answered. “Well, then,” demanded our smartalec, what holds the turtle up?” “You can’t fool me,” answered the wise man: “It’s turtles all the way down.”

No, says pk. There is no giant turtle. Atlas holds up the world. Atlas used to be Greek, before he was Roman, after he was Persian. More recently he’s been Spanish, and British. Now Atlas is an American.

And Atlas stands not on the back of a giant turtle, but on the shoulders of a pirate: a great pirate. And the great pirate stands on the shoulders of another thief, and the thief stands on the shoulders of a great magician …

It’s strong men, pirates, thieves, murderers, and great deceivers all the way down.

Or so we would do better to think. Actually though, nothing holds up the earth. The earth isn’t held up. The earth doesn’t need holding: and there is no “up.”

Goya, Colossus

Goya, Colossus

Neither of us is Jesus, though either of us might claim a relationship: more than one. There might be more than one reason to see appropriateness to the claim. You are not Gandhi, neither am I. Yet more than one individual in this world sees himself as aone, or nearly alone, in holding up … civilization, monogomy, liberty …

Absolutely, I do, as you see in every (other) thing I write. My office-mate of 1967 shocked me when I realized that he thought he was the last ditch defense against chaos! No, no: me, me. (Though these days, ha ha, chaos is what I’m trying to defend: against half-assed, ignorant, suicidal order!) I wonder if he saw, recognized, correctly interpreted, the shock on my face.
We can all root for our horse, even after the results are announced we can all believe, at least for another five minutes, that a foul will yet be called, that the results are not official.
That’s what we need: official results: Judgment, where it’s God, not a Pope, telling us “the truth.” Finally.

Trouble is: then we still have to wait another dozen eternities waiting for the god above that last god to confirm, or deny.

2012 07 03 Can the truth be “told”? Yes, by Shakespeare, by Prigogine. By expository prose? unambiguous, two-dimensional? No!

When I initiated this post I was thinking primarily of Bucky Fuller’s “great pirates.” I was not focusing on the Barbary pirates, I don’t think Bucky was either. But, now, man, check those bastards out!
And for a while the Barbary pirates served the Ottoman empire! Nice little English virgin, a “Lady Barbara,” is sailing from England to Alexandria, the Barbary pirates grab her ship, Errol Flynn doesn’t show up, and the next thing she knows she’s docking in Singapore, already much used as a whore! while a Muslim or two profit!
Now that’s a shoe on another foot!

Goya Collosus

2013 12 11 A Goya expert at the Prado now claims that the Collosus is by one of Goya’s assistants, AJ: claims the anatomy of the animals is inadequate: one of Goya’s strong suits.

Cosmology Etc.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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