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I’ll concede existence to this universe, but that’s about all I’ll concede to it. It exists: so what? Unless we know everything that exists, we can’t possibly evaluate existence correctly.

The mugger steals the lady’s pocketbook, splits her head open, leaves her dead in the alley. Now he exists; she doesn’t: he wins. No. Only if that’s the end of the story does he win. What if this universe is just a film studio where raw footage is made? what if god, some damn demon, any demon, shows the mugging, the murder, in a theater in some other universe, where a whole audience of demons boo the mugger and cheer the lady. What if the audience of demons plans to build a Taj Mahal for the lady and an Iago-cage for the mugger? what if they just haven’t yet gotten to resurrecting the lady or torturing the mugger? Is it really so wonderful to be the surviving mugger? What if the demons forget altogether to torture the mugger? What if they never really intended to? Maybe they don’t give a damn what happens to the actors in their movie any more than we care what happens to the painted-cells once the Disney animation has been filmed? They’re just demons after all. I’d still rather be the dead lady than the surviving mugger.

In biology, physical survival is the only consideration. The king of the hill mates. The king of the hill passes on his genes. That’s the name of the game. That’s the only game there is.

Retch. Puke.

Do we really need further illustration? The Miccosukee lived along the east coast of Florida. Morgan and Flagler wanted to create Palm Beach real estate so they got the state to chase the Miccosukee from their homes. It’s not that I believe the Miccosukee, or anyone, can “own” the land, but the Miccosukee were certainly doing it less harm that Flagler, Morgan, the state, and we’ve done.

Whatever your creation myth, whatever your superstition about salvation, whatever trust or mistrust you place on the Bible as fact, surely you know that once there were Romans, that the Romans ruled imperially, that the Romans controlled any number of puppet states, that the Romans employed the Persian torture of crucifixion as it suited them. Lots and lots of people got tortured. The victims must have included some thieves, murderers, no-goodniks … and also some decent, kind, admirable people. Let’s presume at least one of the latter was named Jesus: Who would you rather be? Caesar Tiberius? or Jesus?

If the House is cheating, and only permits cheaters to seem to “win,” and the House forces everyone to pretend to “play”: if the non-cooperators are mis-branded Losers, how do you want to be mis-branded? A Winner? Or a Loser?

The heaven of the Bible that doesn’t exist is bullshit. But what about the alternate universe the demons watching all the movies may or may not build? the one with the Taj Mahal for the mugged lady? and the dispossessed Miccosukee? and for Jesus?

And for me?

Of course earlier the Miccosukee had cooperated with the Spanish in occupying lands aborigines had been expelled from. Maybe the lady who got mugged did some really bad things before she got mugged. Maybe Jesus, whether he was the nicest of the people the Romans crucified or not, was really also a charlatan, a trickster. Maybe the demons don’t have very nice plans for the Taj Mahal either. Still, I’d rather be extracted to the Taj Mahal, and then exposed for what I am, than just bludgeoned on earth and that’s the end of it.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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