Controlling Choices

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Binary False Choices

Whadya want: blond or brunette? What if I want a redhead?
What if I don’t care what her hair color is, or her eye color, so long as she stacked!
or so long as she’s subserviant?
And who is this offering me this choice? What do they have to do with my finding a woman? or my finding anything else!?

Tweedledum / Tweedledee

Same thing they have to do with forcing Republicans or Democrats on you. Same thing as your freedom to choose whether you grow wheat or alphalpha: you better not chose to grow amaranth, or to go fishing, or to just sleep all day.

Republicans, Democrats

I thought I’d score big points with my son a decade or two ago when I joked, following an essay of Gore Vidal’s, that both American political parties were really just branches of one party: the property party. Uh uh, said bk: the anti-property party!
I was making a good point, whether Vidal had made if ahead of me or not. bk was making a good point: one that needed making because I wasn’t familiar with it. Most people believe, or pretend to believe, the bullshit shoveled on them in school. Gore Vidal, and pk too, all my teachers, stir that pot. bk was stirring it too, with his teachers, the Austrian economists.

von Mises

Von Mises Crest

I’ll make it here but not as an Austrian economist, which I most definitely am not, but as an anarchist (a libertarian who won’t allow a Libertarian Party). A party can’t believe both in property and in taxation. the party can’t believe both in property and in eminent domain. In my view: until a party repudiates kleptocracy, and proposes a way to ameliorate historic injustice (such as my Free Learning Exchange was an attempt at) (and such as my post on Solutions to Kleptocracy proposes), it’s all lies, all deceit, all magicians misdirecting while false-dealing.

The Battle of Tweedledum and Tweedledee

The Battle of Tweedledum and Tweedledee

The object of government is to get you on a merry go round you can’t get off of.
The object of apparent choice is to block any possibility of real choice: such as, Let’s repudiate both agriculture and civilization, let’s not grow anything. (The population will explode, we’ll kill each other by the billion, and then maybe, just maybe, we’ll fall below level of human toxicity that will guarantee the extinction of the whole species.)

Meantime: states need people to depend on government so the taxers will continue to tax, and tell lies.
All states exist to preach free markets while protecting their friends with tariffs.
Modern states exist to practice protectionism while preaching a level playing field.
(I want lions, tigers, and wolves on my level playing field.)



Anyway, letting someone monopolize the salt mine, or the post office, or the school system … indeed, having a manageable school system (and not a free market), is all evidence of fascism. It’s all fascism.



Alpha Fascists

I was raised to think that WWII was “free” countries against “fascist” countries. But we were all fascist: from before WWII, from before WWI … from before the Civil War, from before the US Revolution … What we were really getting manipulated for was to see which countries’ fascists would be the alpha fascists.

2012 03 28 Boy, are fascists good at war! Fascists are forever at war. The US has been at war perpetually since … when? WWII? Korea? No, no: it’s continuous. What’s different is that we don’t say that we’re at war. We say that we’re not at war.
The US is the heavy weight all time war champion.
All I want is for the warriors to suffer such attrition, and such environmental damage, that we’re automatically de-clawed. We might have a silo full of the most fearsome weapons of all time, but couldn’t hit the side of a continent with them: all the machines, all the computers, run by school products! Morons! Can’t walk and chew gum.

Jan gave me a George Carlin book for Christmas, just after we’d been talking about him, and watching part of one of his DVDs. When I first read Woody Allen I marvelled that his short stories were even better than his filmed comedy! I adore some of Carlin’s standup; but this book was hateful. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t that intelligent; it was just contemptuous. Twain wasn’t that funny as he got old either. I’m 73, and have every right to be no longer funny: to be hate-filled and hateful … But I don’t mean to be; I mean to be funny!!!!
Trouble is: how many people ever thought my material was funny? no matter my age at the time of writing? Some people fell out of their chairs, some people were speechless, helpless with laughter; but most people remained wholly unaware of it: even if they were in the room supposedly listening!

Oh well, a guy who is very funny, supremely funny no matter what he means to be is Samuel Beckett. His prose is filled with logical expositions in which he presents a narrator who goes on at great length to argue that “God’s name could be Jaweh or Jehovah …” while it never occurs to his narrator that God’s name could be Fred, or Muriel. Or Wapatumbeana. (or Fido?) The example is mine, not Beckett’s, but the type of logical joke is the same.
PS bk gave me a kindle full of e-books. The Beckett trilogy is on there. If I can slow my encroaching blindness down, I’ll select a passage of Beckett logic absurdity, seemingly thorough but full of holes, and read it in here. But examples are fomous: how to circulate sucking stones among great coat pockets … how a room full of people can all look at each other …

2015 02 15 I recently added Beckett’s Watt to the kindle: so I could read the shtick there about the Lynch family: suppliers of the dog to eat Mr. Knott’s leftovers. That was a repeat performance but better, funnier, than ever. Many pauses for nearl helpless laughter.

But what brings me here to day is an impetus to add a Gore Vidal quote, one appropos of the past’s main subjects. Re: George Bush, Jr, Gore said:

We’ve had bad presidents in the past,
but we’d never had a god damned fool.



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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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