Theism / Atheism Scrapbook

Module by module I’ve been resurrecting censored modules from and related pk domains, destroyed by the fed in 2007, following my arrest in 2006. I revived a bunch of modules on Cosmology … Theology … Religion …. gods … and I’m just emptying the last of the pieces from my old Atheism folder. I see some scrap left over, I put it here, will expand, absorb, or ignore it subsequently.

As a child I joined my spiritual mass to that of my cogregation: putting my little shoulder behind a particular amalgam of cosmology, philosophy, theology, superstition, custom … We called it Protestant, Presbyterian … Then I met people who called themselves atheists. Other people called them Jews, they called themselves atheists. I was shocked, scandalized … intrigued. Surely they don’t mean it?! If only they could see what I see …. ?!

I’ve made comments over two-thirds of a century, time to consolidate, perhaps expand on, a couple.

Theism: which god is it that’s being believed in?
The Muslims say that Allah is the only god, that Allah is his name …
Nevertheless they somehow seem to mean the same sort of god, possibly the same god, the Jews say related-things about, but not quite so absolutely: Thou shalt have no other god before me …
This god is named Jaweh, or Jehova …

Everyone in Christian culture though understands that “atheism” doesn’t mean that you don’t believe in Moloch, it means you don’t believe in Jehovah!
If the Inquisition comes along and asks, “Do you believe in God?” And you start to say, “Yes,” and prepare to show the sacrifices you made to Baal only last evening, they’ll interrupt you and put you down as … an orthodox Catholic: or a line-toeing Lutheran …
You tell Boss Tweed how you vote and then Boss Tweed tells the bureaucrat what your vote was. And you have no power to correct Boss Tweed or the bureaucrat: and, if you care about your family, you won’t try.

Atheisms: general & specific

I don’t believe that anything could be above or beyond my knowledge or understanding …


I don’t believe in Mars; or, I don’t believe in Jehovah; or, I don’t believe 100% literally in the Nicene Creed (as interpreted by …)


I know that there is a building on Fifth Avenue called “St. Patrick’s Cathedral”; but I don’t believe in the Roman Catholic theology attributed to the regular visitors of that building.

Gwyneth Paltrow quote

Gwyneth Paltrow

I’n she beautiful? She sure was in Shakespeare in Love. But I charge her quote with being unwarrentedly optimistic, of confusing cause and symptom. If nature wants to kill off humans, and going to war over false differences is a means of crippling us, then eliminating a church or two isn’t going to make us immortal. If all our math is wrong, correcting one problem may not help much.

I repeat, from passim:
When God has spoken to me, I’ve understood it to have been Christ; but I can’t prove it, not to anyone who doesn’t automatically understand it that way.
(Had I been raised Japanese I might mean Buddha, or the Tao … might mean the same thing.)
Ie, I also understand it not to be literal: and so would any honest listener.
But it’s not up to me what you say I mean.

Whoops something else that seemed pressing a moment ago just split. But I’ll be back, with or without that point to add.

Cosmology Etc.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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