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I’m in love.

No, I don’t mean with Jan; no, I mean of course I love Jan, everybody knows I love Jan. I mean I’m in love with an actress, newly. I’m in love with Zoe Saldana,

Zoe Saldana

an actress I’ve only come to know recently: though I see she has some track record already.

Last night Jan and I watched her Colombiana together, holding hands, sitting on pillows before her DVD player: that’s the way we do it, same home theater setup she’d enjoyed with her late husband, our back against the bed.

Now we’d seen Zoe Saldana in Avatar, almost the only movie we’d seen on the big screen the last couple of years, but we had no better idea there what the actress who modeled for Neytiri looked like than people pictured Andy Sirkis while watching the Gollum in the Ring: we see a computer generated image: there’s a human being in there somewhere, like we presume there’s a walnut in the shell: with the difference that after you’ve eaten a few walnuts you know what to expect the nut to look like.

Avatar, Neytiri
thanx deviantart

2013 09 30 Ah, anticipation: I’m about to watch Avatar again!

Now just one damn minute, pk: what’s with the offensive title? You use a socially dirty word, so offensive I can’t even say what it is!
Oh, yeah, sorry about that: I hope it attracts more people than it repels, for whatever reason either way. Waving a flag is what I’m doing.
But wait, there’s another reason: because my impetus to scribble something about Zoe Saldana presented itself to me in racial / ethnic terms (Female-as-killer tall tales, child-killer tall tales … coming soon):

In America, we had WASPS, WASPS, and more WASPS: some exceptions. The Germans had Babe Ruth, the Irish had Mickey Rooney … the Jews had Al Jolson, the Marx Brothers … Who did the Hispanics have? (male or female?) (before Banderas?)

I remember Katy Jurado in High Noon (and in a bunch of other Hollywood Westerns); but she was there to be disposable, once Grace Kelly showed up. Even at “art” theaters I don’t remember too many Hispanic offerings. I went out of my way to see Luis Bunuel but any actress I can see as symbolizing Spanish Bunuel is French: Catherine Deneuve!
The Armada subtracted (rampant) Spain from Europe in the Sixteenth Century, Franco subtracted it all over again in the 1930s!

Belle de Jour

French actress as emblem of perversion
thanx guardian

I go out of my way to see Pedro Almodovar: and his marvelous films are full of great roles for women, of all ages, over a range of classes: still, even with Penelope Cruz, I don’t see any of them symbolizing Almodovar or Spain. I don’t see even Penelope Cruz as filling a hole in the narrow focus of American consciousness.

Now, just this past week, Jan and I watched Out of Sight. It has a great cast, Jennifer Lopez is marvelous, sexy, beautiful.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez as Karen Sisco

Soderburgh films her in close up and stops the camera! shoving her funny flat face right up against our eye ball. She looks like she was run over by the Michelin man. Zoe has a similar slope to her forehead. (I want them both in my harem! Hey, Zoe! Jan knows, let me hint to you too: I love all these women!)

Maybe Zoe doesn’t fill a hole in American consciousness either, maybe Zoe and JLo, times each other, don’t. And that’s part of my point. Maybe more of us ought to be more in love with Jennifer, with Penelope, with Zoe … and with every single one of Pedro’s great repertoire, starting with Chus Lampreave!

Penelope Cruz

(When Schloesinger films Julie Christie, she, and he and his camera together, distill the British female! Yay!)

Graphics slow load times down, especially large graphics. When I want more than a couple of pix I tend to distribute my points over a series of posts, averaging load times. I hope my points emerge from the above, more work will improve it, I presume. Another set of things I want to say, triggered by Zoe and Colombiana I’ll start to sketch in the next post: Macho Fille.

Luc Bresson. I first saw him through La Femme Nikita. Last month an image at Blockbuster caught my attention: the poster for Colombiana, Zoe, Bresson the author. (See it at this blog.) Yeah, he’s got a way of selecting skinny actresses and abracadabra, palming them as Jamie Bond. It’s a picture of Zoe, playing a role, sure: but what it really is is a portrait of what Besson, correctly, thinks will attract our (my) attention. Point of No Return proved right another time.

2013 01 05 Jeez, it just happened again. I visited IMDb.com, saw a dark image of a female, wanted a better look, clicked, and it’s Zoe! in a Star Trek role. It wouldn’t surprise me now if she could grab me with my eyes shut! 2013 10 18 I saw that Star Trek last night. She was marvelous, I couldn’t get enough of her. But, otherwise, I despised that movie from first frame to last. Nothing new there, I’ve hated the franchise since 1966. That I’ll explain in a post to the purpose: Star Dreck.

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