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Steroid Justice

The prosecution played Roger Clemens’ voice saying, “I haven’t done steroids or growth hormone,” Clemens’ deep, booming voice said on the audiotape of his 2008 congressional deposition. “Let me be clear: I have never used steroids or HGH.” (Govt plays … Continue reading

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Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Teaching / Society / Social Order / NoHier / Politics / Mission: an anarchist argument against sovereignty Sovereignty means you get to grade yourself Once upon a time this or … Continue reading

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Therefore …

Use the word “logic” in a sentence: there isn’t anybody over twelve, not conspicuously brain defective, who won’t believe, at least tentatively, the hse gets it. Give that same person the Logic 101 final, and the chance of getting good … Continue reading

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Goddard Resartus

Chat / Movies / I loved Godard’s La Chinoise in 1967, I loved it on DVD the other night. But Jan didn’t. She bailed, now I’m savoring it by myself: much as I had to savor it by myself in … Continue reading

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Male / Female

moved to / Survival / Evolution / Gender: Male / Female.

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Sexual Fantasies

K. had a section of sex stories, sex comments. I moved some to a blog: pkBowdler. Now I’m deleting that blog. The sex stories are going to a different blog, under an alias; two essays I’ll read in here, this, … Continue reading

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I strung some sex stories and sex comments here a couple of days ago, as a holding tank. Now I’ve moved all the material to more appropriate places. Since this URL was mailed to subscribers, I don’t delete it yet, … Continue reading

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Adding to: / Personal / Stories / pk Chronological / High School / I remember clearly us kids in the ’40s and ’50 being impressed by Hollywood movies where the hunted hero reaches the church and the sheriff and … Continue reading

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As in confusion due to Google. As in helterskelter online chaos. (Good god and Charles Manson is still in jail, is he not?) Google, a company which plagiarized my work to start with, and has censored my work in destroying … Continue reading

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The World Owes Me a Living

I was trained as a child, by my family, my church, the public school, by the whole culture, to hold in contempt the attitude expressed, sarcastically, by the statement “The world owes me a living.” No, no: work! contribute. earn … Continue reading

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