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Going to college derailed me from my multiply proved talents for making a living. I’d always made money as a kid, more than anyone I knew. In college my business broke the university record for student agency gross (and net)! (Columbia College, Columbia University, Student Refreshment Agency) But then one after another financial limbo followed. And that has been followed by what I can only interpret at economic sabotage: my society, its state, won’t even let me earn minimum wage, sabotages my use of the gifts I’ve earned. (See K., pKnatz blog, passim.)

I’ll detail much of that in what will follow. I already had at (federally censored: I have to recreate it) (where they can destroy it, censor it, sabotage it all over again)! But first I want to pay homage to my series of patrons, nearly all female. By type they are: mother, wife … lovers, friends: a friend become lover. (I also received some significant business support (and sabotage) from females: but business was merely about money: the important part of my work is the schooling / deschooling part: my work as a scholar (the Shakespeare Sonnets reading no will listen to, or understand, qv.), then my work trying to rebuild scholarly institutions, from grassroots up: my offering of cybernetic records keeping, social networking, utterly free of hierarchical supervision: a free marketplace internet: in 1970!

First: a big three, with pictures:

My mother, Norma Knatz.

Norma Knatz c. 1950
c. 1950

(Some pictures here, others in satellite files)

My wife, Hilary Knatz.

Hilary, 1964 or so
c. 1964

Catherine (the Great) Kaltner:

Catherine Kaltner at her 94th birthday party

Catherine Kaltner at her 94th birthday party

Now a links list:
In addition to my mother, my wife, and Catherine:

Noreen Connolly
my principal Free Learning Exchange associate, for years, never paid a penny
artists, business supporters, betrayers
clamored to support me as I wrote my first novel, didn’t

(My darling Jan is a patron: by being my friend: I wish she were a patron of my work.)
Links will be supplied as I create the supplementary posts. Any of these files will grow and revise.

Related Reflections:

Mothers in History, in Myth …
Why should the first to offer an internet, an Ivy League alumnus, need patronage?

Family, Friends

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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