The World Owes Me a Living

I was trained as a child, by my family, my church, the public school, by the whole culture, to hold in contempt the attitude expressed, sarcastically, by the statement “The world owes me a living.” No, no: work! contribute. earn your way. The world does not owe you, or anyone, a living!

thanks, hajip

But now I disagree, vociferously: and I’ll begin to say why here, over time, like a scrapbook. But I do state a main reason or two while mounting this first draft:

The world, not the earth mind you, not God, not nature; the world! the human world, the kleptocratic human world, the world of human-scripted laws, of coercion, owes me and you and everything a living: because: it’s stolen and perverted and degraded the environments we once could try to make our own way in.

If two cavemen come out of their cave, and one goes looking for food, or a mate, or a nice brook to fish in, and the other just lazes around, doesn’t look for food, when the first caveman comes back with a leaf full of berries, or nuts, or a girl, or a nice trout, he doesn’t owe the second cave man anything. Then the pair are attacked by enemies and the second caveman just whimpers and cowers and the first caveman does all the fighting and finally drives the enemies away … Sure, I’ll agree that the second caveman owes the first, not the first the second. It’s different though if both cavemen used to look for and find food, women, fish, shelter, but then one caveman fences land and won’t let anything grow there but wheat, won’t let any animals walk there, won’t let birds feed there … and eventually the whole world has been partitioned, till all the good land is growing wheat owned by Bozo I, and Caveman 2 has no choice left but to work for Bozo I, and along comes CavemanN and Bozo I fires Caveman 2 because Caveman N will work for less and less and less or the wheat, then indeed I think that Bozo I owes Caveman 2 and Caveman N a living: and the birds and the bees and the whales and the polar bears too.

Before I return for session 2, before I leave session 1, let me qualify. I seriously doubt that cavemen ever lived the way described above. One caveman might have had his hand crushed and been unable to gather much food, but no one lazed around expecting to be fed: unless they were believed to be magical: the price wasn’t allowed to gather food. So damn right they had to feed him if they wanted him to live. And when caveman 1 comes back with a big bass he shares it, with everyone. Hunters share. It’s bankers who hoard.
I don’t believe civilized people are competent to learn what “scientists” have such difficulty discovering.

Yesterday there was an article that a scientist had found the G spot: the third source of orgasm for women. No, no such thing, say others. Freud was wacko on the subject a century ago. But don’t think anybody much has been sane since. Humans have never been sane on the subject of female anatomy. And don’t think that woman are any smarter or more honest. I fear not, I don’t see it, I see women being just as foolish, quick to assume, slow to correct their own errors …
I think the whole species, male component and female component, and allied components, will prove fatally slow.

But here’s the pisser: first some group subtracted land to farm wheat, then more land, then more. Then chiefdoms formed, all warring over land to grow wheat, rice, beans … Others fought over land for cattle, or for sheep, or for timber, or for wilderness parks … But modern history comes from this group stealing land from that group, stealing labor from some other group. Countries built on war and slavery have no moral basis in wages and contracts, or democracy, or education …

Custer tries to steal Crazy Horse’s land. Crazy Horse’s Lakota beat Custer’s thugs. But US sends more thugs, and more, till Crazy Horse is jailed, can lead no more defenses. Then Crazy Horse’s cousins, if there are any whose brains weren’t destroyed, deliberately, by alcohol provided by the kleptocrats, go to school and hear that the white men are fair, educated, beloved of God …
You’re damn right we owe every cousin of Crazy Horse a living.

Once upon a time we just slaughtered them too. But at some point the white lady in Boston wants some n- [Bowdlerizing K., 2016 08 03 Offensive terms go dosido in fashion.] to pick her fruit, dust her wardrobe, hold her chair … So, we don’t kill all the wogs. Ten percent is usually more than enough for the 90% to surrender and fit whatever mold of lies the murderers and thieves want to put them in.

The Wasi’ Chu [euphemizing] stole the idea of digital record keeping for the common citizenry from me, while preventing me from improving the plagiarized version with ongoing sabotabges. Hollywood steals the idea of the Terminator from Ellison, then pays him a bit, after making the multimillions. So: one artist got paid, partly, late. How many others didn’t?
There’s no telling, because the records are kept by the thieves, the data is taught by the thieves’ institutions. And the kelptocrats are all really atheists, don’t think they’ll ever get caught, don’t believe the truth ever has a real chance.

Well, maybe not in the old idea of Judgment; but how about in a different idea of judgment? The smoker denies that tobacco is harmful. Smokers, silence, impoverishes everyone who tries to speak against it. The tobacco companies win, the lawyers win … but does the society win? The species? Not if everyone is getting cancer! Biomass is degraded regardless.

No, no. In the end, the truth will count. In the end, only the truth will count.

Terminator note: James Cameron may well not have remembered the science fiction story that existed before he wrote the MS for Terminator. I’ve spent a life time feeding ideas to people, knowing they won’t have any awareness of where or how they got the ideas. I know I wrote my story about a guy who kills muggers more than a year before Hollywood produced Death Wish. My story was rejected by Playboy, Esquire … The reader there could have lost his job, moved to Hollywood, said, “I know, I’ll write a story about a guy who kills muggers,” not at all thinking about where he got the idea.
Meantime: I have memories of how I got the idea, but is it complete? Could God add no further details?

Who’ll judge at Judgment whether I’ve paid all my royalties: me? or God? I just want the truth to judge both me and God: and the society.

I just want the truth to judge both me
and God:
and the society.

PPS: I just checked Wikipedia and see a claim that James Cameron disclaimed his technical agreement that credited Harlan Ellison: aside, Cameron disavowed the debt, said Harlan E was a parasite.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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