As in confusion due to Google. As in helterskelter online chaos.
(Good god and Charles Manson is still in jail, is he not?)

Google, a company which plagiarized my work to start with, and has censored my work in destroying at least one blog of mine (while nicely hosting several others, still up, commandeered from, has changed its policies several times. Now it’s threatening to abandon old blogs that don’t join their current arbitrary rules. I would but I don’t apparently match their “records” with what I remember my username(s) and password(s) to be! So: I’ve been migrating my Google blogs to blog. A few at a time. Now I’m going to bring them all over, hundreds of blog posts from several Google-hosted blogs.

It’s like your ancestors lived forever on Lake Ontario, then one day some soldiers say you’re French, or Spanish, or Iroquois … then you’re US, then citizens of the World, invited to join the Commies … Why don’t they all drop dead and leave you alone? Because they don’t, and won’t, so: as King Richard’s dream said, Despair, and Die!

So: Dear Subscribers:
Sorry, posts are going to be published here much faster than I can edit them with any grace.
I already post in draft form: there are reasons but they may not all be wise reasons.

Also: it’s become my habit to post something, then immediately add it as a link to is appropriate Page menu. Here I don’t plan any links till the blogs in Google-thrall are all removed from that cartel.
Thanks, Google for all those years of hosting, even though I never asked you to, never invited you, only helplessly agreed. But now it’s time to run.


The internet as I’ve said repeatedly since 1995 is a kleptocratic plagiarism-perversion of the convivial cybernetic community resource databases proposed by Ivan Illich and inaugurated by me (and a few others) starting in 1970, flourishing a bit through 1972, then stomped on by vested interests. Amazon, Google, EBay … all owe us royalties. I haven’t got one cent.
I’ve been complaining, finally, 2006, i got arrested, kangaroo-courted: then censored. That’s so funny, since 99% of my writing had never been published, needed no censorship. And my speech had been subverted. The culure is blantant in its dishonesty, but, since it monopolizes all resources, anyone interested in an income, a share of the spoils, has to shut up and cooperate: with the kleptocracy: go to school, respect the church, respect the law … nothing correctly labeled.

My five domains got knocked down by the US: around 4,000 text modules, another few thousand graphic files: paintings, drawings …
My several blogs were left alone in that purge. So …

My public defender offered me a deal without guaranteeing anything. If I insisted that I was right, the Palm Beach jury would do what the fed wanted and throw me in jail forever; if, though, I let him say for me that I was guilty in the frameup, then I might get only a fifteen month sentence …

My role is to speak, to write. I can’t help it if no one understands. I can’t help it if my offers to publish are made to the deaf, the blind, the dumb, the dishonest. I can’t help it if they sabotage honest intelligence. The Church tortures the saint, calls him a heretic, cuts the tits off the other saint, calls her a witch. The Church thinks it’s getting away with it! Is an atheist through and through. The US, the UN, etc. all exactly the Church in all essentials. Priests, who’ve forged the Bible, mistranscribed it, gotten it wrong, and stirred it with right, and shove it at you, a human turd, palmed as God’s word. Universities do the same thing, and call it science. No, no: God’s word, science; no, no. first, there would have to be honesty. First there would have to be a possibility of intelligence.

The priests who didn’t crucify Jesus have taken the temple over from the priests who did, but until they take Jesus down from the cross, admit that they’re thieves, murderers, deicides … there’s no chance for the kleptocracy.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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