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Adding to: / Personal / Stories / pk Chronological / High School / I remember clearly us kids in the ’40s and ’50 being impressed by Hollywood movies where the hunted hero reaches the church and the sheriff and … Continue reading

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As in confusion due to Google. As in helterskelter online chaos. (Good god and Charles Manson is still in jail, is he not?) Google, a company which plagiarized my work to start with, and has censored my work in destroying … Continue reading

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The World Owes Me a Living

I was trained as a child, by my family, my church, the public school, by the whole culture, to hold in contempt the attitude expressed, sarcastically, by the statement “The world owes me a living.” No, no: work! contribute. earn … Continue reading

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Let There Be Light

Genesis has God saying, “Let there be light.” That’s how King James’ scholars’ English put it. The Latin Bible had phrased it, “Fiat lux.” Great. That was at a beginning. These days scientists figure that the early Big Bang universe … Continue reading

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Böll’s Balek Scales

Hey, you want to read a great story? You can download Heinrich Böll’s The Balek Scales (1952) Die Waage der Baleks! thanks I was tempted to describe it, now I don’t have to. I’ll just say, society is based … Continue reading

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Mothers: Mine, Mothers in Theory, in History, in Myth … A mother is typically the first thing we bond with. (Any midwife, any doctor, who doesn’t immediately hand the newborn to the mother is a betrayer of biology. Newborn geese … Continue reading

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Catherine the Great

Catherine Kaltner (pk’s Catherine the Great), Friend & Patron Catherine was the widow of a WWI veteran! She suffered from polio at age two: one of the last of the living polio cripples, they disappeared around WWII. Notice in her … Continue reading

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