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Let There Be Light

Genesis has God saying, “Let there be light.” That’s how King James’ scholars’ English put it. The Latin Bible had phrased it, “Fiat lux.” Great. That was at a beginning. These days scientists figure that the early Big Bang universe … Continue reading

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Böll’s Balek Scales

Hey, you want to read a great story? You can download Heinrich Böll’s The Balek Scales (1952) Die Waage der Baleks! thanks I was tempted to describe it, now I don’t have to. I’ll just say, society is based … Continue reading

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Mothers: Mine, Mothers in Theory, in History, in Myth … A mother is typically the first thing we bond with. (Any midwife, any doctor, who doesn’t immediately hand the newborn to the mother is a betrayer of biology. Newborn geese … Continue reading

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Catherine the Great

Catherine Kaltner (pk’s Catherine the Great), Friend & Patron Catherine was the widow of a WWI veteran! She suffered from polio at age two: one of the last of the living polio cripples, they disappeared around WWII. Notice in her … Continue reading

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Kid Stories Catch-all

/ Stories / By Age / Kid / A quick sketch pad, holding pen: better developed posts may follow, may become their own posts: Consumer Coupons 2015 04 24 I was born in Brooklyn Hospital. As an infant I was … Continue reading

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Humiliation of Children

Soiled 6-Year-Old Proves We Accept Humiliation of Children. By J Budd According to MSNBC, a 6-year-old girl at Southwest Elementary School in Washburn, Mo., was denied a bathroom break because she and her classmates were in the middle of taking … Continue reading

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New Notation

My wife and I tried teaching ourselves the recorder — she tried the soprano, I tried the alto — in our late twenties. We tried teaching ourselves music notation at the same time. The next thing you knew I had … Continue reading

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pk Patrons

(Hamstrung Mother …) Patrons, Lovers … (Wives, Betrayers …) Summary Menu below Going to college derailed me from my multiply proved talents for making a living. I’d always made money as a kid, more than anyone I knew. In college … Continue reading

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Anthropological Cinema Saw A Man Called Horse, 1970, last night. Not Jan’s kind of movie, but mine for sure. I’ve been big on cultural variety, superstition, magic … since Lionel Trilling assigned us Sir James Fraser’s The Golden Bough (when … Continue reading

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Belly Boy

What makes me bring this subject up now? This morning the bathroom scale read 151 as I stood on it, fresh out of bed, refreshed of bladder, before I’d put the coffee on. My sister and I made a kind … Continue reading

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