Big Tobollywood

I’m so glad: for a few years now, a decade or two, a few cancer victims have been able to sue, successfully, tobacco companies, blame them, hold them accountable, for the victim’s addictions. Imagine shoeless children now suing Gilbey’s gin. But how long should Hollywood be exempt?

Bogie smoking, drinking

Frequently Bogie was wreathed in smoke, and had a drink in his hand. Jan and I just watched African Queen: great as Bogie was he was glassy eyed in half the scenes.

Jean-Paul Belmondo
thanks, overblog

The Jean Paul Belmondo pic I wanted to show was JP smoking while looking at a Bogie poster: in Breathless, wasn’t it?

Anyway, when is someone going to score a few dozen mil from Warner Bros., or from MGM … or from You-know-how-to-whistle-don’tcha-just-blow Bacall or whoever has Bogie’s estate, for some little kid in Bangladesh who goes to jail for shoplifting cigarettes from the market. Accountability, dammit!

But of course those lawsuits will always be the exception, never the rule. The military won’t allow itself to be sued for creating an atmosphere in which all sorts of addictions were all but compulsory. Every judge knows (what every president knows), how slippery his perch on the bench is. He can incarcerate me, he can gang-tackle you, but he can’t hold the Pentagon accountable.

No kleptocracy can allow accountability to flourish beyond an occasional point.
When the San Francisco court found in favor of John Sutter to the tune of $300-odd million dollars, the tax payers, who’d built their homes with Sutter’s gold, burned the court house to the ground.
The people would laugh at Warner Bros. if it got soaked once, but stop laughing when movie tix went from $8 to $20!

But I dream. I dream of the kid in Bangladesh getting rich for going to jail, I dream of the GM execs suing GM for their alcoholism: everyone at every party of oh so many parties was drunk, drunk, drunk.

Hey, help me figure out who I should sue for my father’s 1940s drunkenness? the law school? the bar?

Accountable: another movie memory

I was recently recalling Z, the Greek film. Some judge has evidence presented to him that the ruling Colonels did XYZ, illegal, immortal, damnable. The judge pours through the evidence, the testimonis, spends years. Finally the judge decides that’s it’s all strong evidence: prepares to announce that he’d form a grand jury and have the government arrested. And the colonels have his throat slit: simple enough. (or the equivalent: I’ll rewatch Z and report.)

Social Survival

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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