pk & Gail Bruce

Gail Bruce, Beach Kids, serigraph

Gail Bruce, Beach Kids, serigraph

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When Gail Bruce first asked me to be her graphic arts consultant and rep she promised me a lifetime exclusive. She had already shushed my warning that I had no capital. “My old man has plenty of money. Don’t worry about money,” she said.

Gail Bruce, Ballet Dancers, serigraph

Gail Bruce, Ballet Dancers, serigraph

That was my first inkling that there was a Mr. Bruce — Murray Bruce. I was being invited to act as consultant to their company, RamScale. I was being told that my efforts would be subsidized: and that the rewards would always be shared with me. Maybe Gail even meant that, or thought that she meant it; but I now know that while Gail might make promises, only Murray (and his accountants and lawyers) wrote the checks. Good cop, bad cop; but the bad cop, not Pollyanna, was the only decision maker.

Charles Cardinale, Fine Creations, serigraphy

Charles Cardinale, Fine Creations, serigraphy

It was Charlie’s hand, wielding the swivel razor, cutting the screens, that made Gail’s work so crisp. I told her about him, he did Will Barnet’s silkscreens to parallel effect.
But: Gail expresses social drama, psychological complexity, in human outlines. Charlie’s skill was oblivious to all that.
I wish I had a good scan of Gail’s Three Dudes acrylic and Charlie’s Three Dudes Gail-Bruce-serigraph: I’d show you what he got, and what he missed.
Meantime, here’s Charlie as he completed Gail’s Pier Fishermen. (Beautiful work, a funny graphic: but: What does Gail know about fishing? She has the fishing line extend to the water from mid-rod, not from the tip! and Charlie, despite having a boat that he sailed from Long Island, copied her mistake!
He too should have consulted me! but I didn’t write the checks. Gail/Murray saw to it that I lost, never gained, financially.
But the society had put me (and kept me!) in the hole long before Gail ever met me.)

For the half-dozen years after our meeting, to Gail’s escalating entreaties, to her repeated promises (never delivered), I subsidized RamScale (while other, much better, artists subsidized me!) (Policy was forecast by Pollyanna but executed by Graybeard.)
Details will follow, but among the worst, nearly as bad as the frauds to follow: RamScale, and in the end Gail too, never heeded my advice. I spoke, they did something else.

More details, more posts, will get added, over the years, as I live.
PS Just delicious: I just heard from an old customer of mine, one to whom I sold both Rothes and Bruces! And she’d read another blog’s preview of these last three, learning for the first time of the character of the artists I’d touted to her! So: at least one appropriate individual has been reached as audience.

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