Society’s Interests vs. Truth

Passion Particulars: Human Camouflage
sub-file 2004

Assorted Scholarship and Comments on the Crucifixion in and Around The Passion of the Christ

Human Camouflage

The key modulette here will be Society’s Interests vs. Truth: (“History” and scholarship in a dressed society) (where some are stripped naked). This is not that piece. That piece I expect to do last.

Any depiction by creatures who costume themselves both by custom and by law should be suspect. How can euphemisms tell the truth?

My new cover page starts the point. The hint is slightly expanded above. Until I can make time to develop this expansion area, contemplate two related literary references. If you see what I mean by related, you’ll be well along with me. (Develop your own line, compare yours to mine once I reveal mine. Is yours helpful? Share it.) (I had these up first, thought they set us off on the wrong foot, took them back down: temporarily.)

“Thou hast … Thou hast …” Marlowe has The Jew of Malta Christians fumble, unable to name the title character’s crime.

George Bernard Shaw’s Heartbreak House depicts a moment of group confession which inspires Boss Mangan to strip … not quite naked. Not even Shakespeare let his Lear strip quite naked.

Mel Gibson’s father we are now informed scoffed at the Holocaust: thought the “facts” were surely exaggerated. How the society establishes some interpretations as facts while dismissing others, setting snares for some, is directly related to how we camouflage ourselves: including camouflaging ourselves from ourselves.

I will disrobe to show you nature’s truth.
The Coffee Trader

2015 06 05

For some people the tribe is more important than the truth.
National Geographic

pk amends that to nearly all people.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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