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Mission: to gather pk files about Jesus, about Christianity, about the idea of Christ

2008 note: My scholarship here has been improved upon. I’ll have to edit the whole thing when I can. My main error, an important ignorance, was that I didn’t realize that my excellent point about “Christ” also applies to “Jesus”: neither is a name; they’re both titles. Christ is as I said a decade ago; “Jesus” though is another title, meaning “God Saves.” (Jesus note below)

Also important: argues (convincingly?) that there was no Jesus of Nazareth. There were Jesuses galore, including Jesuses who got crucified. I hope to live to do this whole section from scratch.

People write science fiction. People read it, see it. But it’s not about science. It’s not about robots: or aliens. It’s about us. It’s not about the future. It’s about the present. (And the present is of course all about the past.) (And the future will come from that present, and that past.)

People forge religions, canonize saints. Ditto. It’s not about god. What would human beings know about gods? (any more than they know about the future?)

I say God has talked to me. But how can you believe what I say? (You don’t!) We tell stories about how Jesus thought that God had talked to him: ditto.

For a near decade pk has blabbed modules about god, about God, about Jesus … For a half century pk has written neo myths, comedies, allegories, fictions … about god, about God, about Jesus … pk also writes science, with no God. Only the tiniest impressions reveals themselves, and then only in the Twenty-First Century.

I awoke this Thanksgiving morning with a statement in my head:

People walked miles to go gaga for Jesus, then they clamored for his torture.
Turn around, and he’s claimed as a god. Then it’s explained that it all happened to put them (the war wagers, the David Copperfield ticket buyers, the Chaplin slanderers) in heaven!
Why should anyone ever listen to anything a human says?
Because of Jesus. More: because of Newton. OK: because of Shakespeare.

Complex truths cannot be said directly. I try with macroinformational montages. Rots of ruck.

The publishers, the fiat professionals at the universities, wait for me to say the direct things that they’ve been saying, so they can say that I agree with them, claim me as one of them. Or they’ve stopped waiting, never were waiting, never noticed anything I said.

Anyway, I started to poke, to decide which of my Jesus fragments I’d insert that statement into; and decided to create a new folder to move such things into, one separte from my god folder. (Related? Of course: they’re nearly all related.) (As is, my society folder has long been unmanagable, no matter what I try.)

The group of men do not question their right (or their competence)
to judge the single god.

@ K. 2004 11 25

2005 09 02 For a couple of years this file served also as my Christianity menu. The menu is now elsewhere.


Right, Competence … to Judge:

Humans are (minimally) four dimensional creatures: well-sentient in one to two dimensions. This pitcher, that architect, the other genius … can (fractionally) think in three dimensions. A couple of geniuses can make fumbling guesses about four dimensions (which doesn’t mean that they’re good at thinking in three!)

The perp at the station forgets that there are unseen observers behind the mirror. Or figures that authority is just another club to beat the poor with, that God is really asleep at the wheel.

Sitting in judgment on ANYTHING that we don’t know FOR SURE the full flower of is like the perp forgetting the mirror, the priest really being an atheist, or the dot appraising the line: or the line appraising the polygon (or the sub-set appraising the set, the set the superset).

Even the paretns who threaten their kids with the Bogeyman in the clouds don’t see the cosmos seeing the universe: or timen seing timeN.

Wouldn’t you think that adults who’d once heard Jesus’ line about the least of his bretheren would throw themselves at the courthouse and beg it to learn humiliity?

No, no. At the most revered universities they recruit circles to survey hyper-spheres.


2008 04 28

Everything I say about Jesus, and everything you say as well, must now be reviewed against the scholarship now readily available at
(Duplicates a note in a post on Jesus.)

2012 05 14 And as I’ve noted recently Bart Ehrman has a book out on the subject now. I’m just reading Did Jesus Exist? and will report further.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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