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Literature is the profession for which I am trained.

image from Folio
(thanks, MIT)

Do you realize that the etymological origin of the word “profession” is religious? What do you profess? (The Latin origin of the word amateur is “love.” (Are we saying that professionals don’t also love what they do?)

I studied literature because I loved it. And because I could do it.

Much of my reading since the 7th grade has been science fiction!

science fiction

Much of my writing too.

Music & Art, pk drawing

Music & Art, pk drawing

My first love other than family was God. Directly related (thank you Johann Sebastian Bach), came music. By puberty though, I’d also been ravished by jazz. That (ironically?) led directly to my love of the graphic arts: particularly, certainly, at first, of modern art.

Brancusi, the Chief

I walked into MOMA for my first time, age 15, saw this piece and laughed out loud! I love it!

Naturally, I love women too.

None more so than the one who struck me hardest in puberty.

I will never recover from Guillietta Massina’s Gelsomina in La Strada. (AKA: Mrs. Federico (auteur) Fellini)

Guillietta Massina's Gelsomina
Gelsomina watches Zampano drink.
thanx tvtropes

As an army draftee I was stationed in Whitehall Street Induction Station. Poor me, the army had no Manhattan barracks, no mess hall, and I had to live uptown with my girlfriend, commuting dressed how I would.
Actually, it was a hardship: $55 a month for rent? $75 a month to feed myself? In New York City?!?!? I had to moonlight or I’d get no movies or beer.



One spring weekend I accepted an old drinking pal’s invitation to wait tables up in Sugarbush, Vermont. Work was in the evening; days, he’d show me how to ski.

I went crazy.

The following year I ran into an old high school friend on the slopes of Hunter Mountain. “What!” He was flabbergasted. “Little indoors Paul Knatz, s k i i n g ? ! ?

pk skies the snow fields atop Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine, 1968-69

If you like civilization, New York is one of the few right places to be. (Of course it’s also a right place to be if you like murder and mayhem.) These days I wish I could buy a thousand acres of Louisiana bayou and never see another human without it’s being deliberate on my part.

But hyper-text needs electricity. In 1989 I was drifting through Sebring, Florida, and camped for a few days by its world-famous hammock. Highlands County is as far from civilization as you can get, but Highlands Hammock is peerless. It was only slowly that I discovered that the lakes, rivers, and creeks are pretty wondrous too. So, nowadays, I fish.

largemouth bass, 7 LB, Lake Jackson

largemouth bass, 7 LB, Lake Jackson

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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