Revisit the Brightest

A guy on TV last night said “We have to put the best and brightest in the classroom.”
I posted my Best & Brightest module at the IonaArc blog, then moved it to K, 2004 (then revived it here, 2011); but no one has learned a thing from me, so, vanity vanity, no one learned from Ivan Illich, no one learned from Jesus, I try repeating: repeating Illich to start:

Deschooling opposes compulsion to attend a meeting.

If we talk about freedom, then we can’t also talk about putting anyone in a classroom: not the best, not the worst, not the brightest, not the dimmest, not one child, not one adult. You can lure them, entice them, tempt them, you can offer to hire them, you can try to outbid the competition, but where do we get off “putting.” It’s fascism.

A free people wouldn’t want anybody put any where for any reason.
But we’re not free. We impose a draft: then we drop it, but impose it again. We have a Constitution, but we don’t follow it.
(Any draftee can tell you about conscription, but we do things worse than conscript: take childbirth, population development: ask any woman who didn’t want that marriage, that liason, that child …)

But I’ll tell you what’s worse yet: Where do we, the people who if we didn’t put Jesus on the cross, treat other teachers not much better, get off pretending that we could tell the “best” if it bit us? Or the brightest?
I see humans trying to know God; where do we get off claiming that we’ve succeeded? that we do know God?
Or, we can claim anything we want, but when does God speak? Will we hear him? Will we listen?

We’re supposed to put the best man in the White House: have we ever done it? Once? Were we ever even really trying?

I put the 2004 effort at K. under Homeostasis. I’ve been harping on the concept since the 1970s. But I’m not aware of having successfully communicated any point about it to any single other human. Zero feedback if not zero understanding. But in a nutshell: homeostasis is how a system maintains it’s balance. A group with average IQ 90 to 110, averagely intelligent, may cooperate with a guy of IQ 115, 120; but it will run in horror from a gal or guy of IQ 185! 190!
We murdered Jesus, calling him a criminal!
That’s what the story says, I say it’s an accurate symbol of human behavior. I say not that we did it once, not that we learned our lesson; but that we’ll do it every time, that the lesson is not learnable.
No lesson can defeat gravity, no lesson can increase c‘s velocity.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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