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Help! Police!

Rent-a-cops like sports stadia security guards aren’t exactly the police, but they’re cops of a sort, right? This is a rent-a-cop story, first told elsewhere at Knatz.com, which I find typical of official bullies of every stripe. I finally move it here.

This was decades ago: long enough ago for Phil Rizzuto to have been the commentator for a televised Yankee game.

A big vulgar guy in the bleachers was being rowdy. The TV cameras and Phil Rizzuto’s commentary paid him occasional notice but of course we couldn’t hear what he was saying or see precisely what he was doing. I remember though the crowd thinning around him and thickening a less loud distance away. Finally something happened that paused the game. Stadium police were dispatched to deal with the trouble maker. The TV cameras followed the action: at first: but not for long. A cop pair came up to the guy. Agitation. Finally a cop put his hands on the guy. The cop went flying. The other cop approached. He went flying. The camera was pulled off the scene. But other shots of the field of play occasionally revealed the bleachers in the distance. I was able to follow the sequel to some extent. More cops came. Another went flying and they all retreated.

A phalanx of cops returned to that section of bleachers. Those cops grabbed some poor bastard sitting ten rows behind the trouble maker and escorted him from the stadium. The geek was the closest guy to the real trouble. The TV camera did follow this ejection. This ejection was successful. For the rest of the game I could see the big vulgar trouble maker still sitting there, drinking his beer. Did he pipe down after throwing the cops around? I don’t know. I never heard him in the first place. But I did notice that as the innings progressed he was increasingly isolated in his bleacher seats: biggest private box I’ve ever seen.

Do I need to spell out the perennial pattern, the point of the story, any more baldly? The establishment and its cheap enforcers failed to deal with the problem, but couldn’t say so,couldn’t admit failure, incompetence … So they staged a lie to pretend that they were what they pretended to be: omnipotent.

Cop Stories

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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