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Socialization from the Cradle, my piece on civilization as arresting the development of mature predation, relates dog breeding, where the customization of a species is deliberate to human social evolution where the same thing happens without centralized hierarchical management. The cayote spots prey, points, stalks … tries to kill … and eat. Men breed dogs to spot, point, stalk … and then not kill, not eat. No: the prey is for the owners. If the owners want to use the dog again, then the dog will have to be given a little.

We castrate the animal to make an ox: make him work for our purposes; not his own nor his species’. We teach the falcon, who already knows how to soar, to spot, to strike, to kill … to do what comes naturally but then not to eat. No: the kill is for the human master.

Elsewhere at I’ve pointed out that football players are supposed to try to take the other guy’s head off: but only after the ball has snapped and until the ball carrier has been tackled. Once the whistle blows, the same behavior becomes an infraction. Out on the street that same behavior would be a felony.

In other words, the brutality of the young is encouraged, but channeled, leashed: controlled: for the convenience, utility, profit, and amusement of Las Vegas … the alumni, the gentlemen bettors …

We castrate the rooster when we want a capon. The rooster’s own preferencess are not considered.

The anhinga dives into the water and walks along the bottom looking for fish to spear and eat. The anhinga’s feathers do not repel water so he can stay down. His neck is long, her beak sharp, fierce. I’ve never heard of anyone tying a tournequet around an anhinga’s neck so it can’t swallow, of training the anhinga to bring the fish to the master’s boat, to cough up the fish for the master … but if it could be done with falcons, surely it could be done to anhingas too.

Football players, soldiers … hyper-stimulated predators: but controlled: castrated everyway but surgically: for the convenience and utility of the owners.

Cops too.

The sheep avoid the sheepdog because the sheep dog frightens them. After all, the sheep dog is duplicating the behavior of a cayote, a fox, a wolf. The sheep is not smart enough to see that the sheep dog isn’t going to kill and eat the sheep: not in a life time, not if it wants to sleep by the fire, and not be looking over its own shoulder for wolves not of its pack.

Don Martin did a cartoon story a couple of decades ago where some Don Martin klutz falls from a roof, lands on a burglar, knocks himself and the burglar silly, the burglar’s big bag of cash falling to the alleyway. Cops come along. They gather up the cash, put it into their pockets, and walk off: ignore both klutz and burglar. The other night I watched Edward Scissorhands for the first time. Alan Arkins asks Johnny Depp (suspected of deviance apart from his hands) what he would do if he found a suitcase full of cash money. A) take it and spend it? B) share it among his friends? C) give it to the police … Depp chooses B. Not exactly virginal, but plenty psychotic, Winona Ryder thinks that’s a wonderful answer. (she’s such a good friend she lets him take her rap for her.) Alan Arkin was fishing for the “right” answser: C) turn it over to the police.

This anarchist thinks A) or B) is OK. Burning it would be better (money is evil: the love of it, everything about it …) But absolutely not C! don’t the cops take enough of your money as it is?

Hey! How about D) (or E)): don’t spend it, don’t share it, and don’t give it to the owner’s castratti falcons, the cops; no, no bypass the sheepdogs and give the money directly to the rightful owners: Enron! R J Reynolds! Beatrice!

But what if the money was really your uncle’s? your grandfather’s? your nice old lady neighbor’s?

Never mind. Just give it to Enron. They’d get it from your old lady neighbor sooner or later anyway.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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