Temper Mantrum

All my life, my mother told me, “Paul, all your life, you’ve had a terrible temper!”

Had acquaintances been present I don’t doubt that they would have chorused, “Yes, yes, that’s so true: Paul has a terrible temper. We might be able to stand Paul if Paul didn’t have such a terrible temper.

That pretty much proves I have a temper, doesn’t it? Is there a possible flaw in the assertion?

I recognize instance after instance in which Paul displays rage and impatience: how can I not outright agree? “I have a terrible temper!”

I don’t because I perceive the opposite: I believe, I assert, that I am a saint of patience, of forbearance. Yes, I’ll scream and yell. I’ll scream and threaten. But only after I’ve been driven way past any sanely expectable endurance.

To see it someone would have to be present who was capable of understanding what I’d been trying to communicate. That person should understand what I was trying to say, and also see what lengths were gone to to prevent me saying it. The patrons in the theater sabotage the kid who tries to warn of fire. If the kid regains his voice as the flames reach the main curtain, should the kid repeat his warning in a soft or reasonable voice? How gently should he try to persuade those holding him down, those stuffing rags in his mouth?

There: the To Prove has been set, targeted. Lots of argument, many examples should follow.
Just remember: I’m the deschooer, I’m the unpublished, jailed, censored philosopher, reformer, disciple of Christ … Understand, not one important message I’ve tried to deliver from inspiration, from nature, from science … from God, from Christ hasn’t been actively interfered with: not just stupidly not understood, illegally, immorally sabotaged.
What has been finally understood, in part, of mine, my offer of an internet, for example, my offer of digital cybernetic public community record keeping, for example, out loud and in print starting in 1970, has been stolen, perverted … like Christians altering the text of the gospels, then saying they’re quoting God, quoting Jesus …

What I want more than anything is to keep a civil tongue in my head, while I witness God throwing Christians, Americans … teachers, experts … priests … into hell. Then we’ll see a temper. We’ll see Justice.

Mantrum? pk, what the hell is a mantrum?
Oh, it’s a cross between a tantrum and a mantra.

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About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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