Artificial Infants

Responsibility: I’ll be restructuring my responsibility pieces soon.


Personal versus Institutional

Mission: to indict irresponsible institutions

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@ K. 2002 11 29

You donate money to a church. You say it’s for “good works” but we all understand that it’s really to get you into heaven. When you die, if you don’t find yourself in heaven,

can you sue?

Is the church responsible for beliefs it labored to instill in you?

The government takes your money. Some of such money is earmarked for justice. As your life winds down, if you don’t have justice,

can you sue?

This litany of ironies of life under coercive kleptocracy iterates points first emphasized at under the banner of Integrity (vs. Existence). Here I emphasize them in relation to responsibility. But hold on. Stay with me. I’ll be blazing a new ramification below once I complete my windup.

Are the warranties of monopolistic institutions worth anything? What can we do if they’re not? Not vote for Nixon for a third term? We can watch Nixon retire at public expense, that’s what. The government gambled that we’d be too chicken, too enervated, too broke after all those taxes, to kick his head through the marketplace like Mussolini’s. This time, the government was right (that time, Mussolini and his government were wrong).

And that’s the trouble with coercive monopolies like “catholic” churches and sovereign nation states: when push comes to way-passed shove you can drag some unfortunate no-longer-alpha male’s body through the dust, but the value you were conned out of is gone forever (or was illusory in the first place).

When we were cavemen and somebody poked our eye out, maybe, if we had a bunch of strong brothers we got along with, we could poke out the eye of the guy who did the poking. Maybe we could poke out both his eyes, for interest, and crush his testicles as well: as a penalty. Or maybe the guy who poked out our eye in the first place would have the stronger brothers that he got along with better, and we’d lose our second eye for our trouble. Well, that’s unfortunate, but had anyone with his hand sewn into our bear skin promised us justice in the first place?

My church taught me that Jesus loved me. My church also taught me that I was no good. My Sunday School teacher hinted that just maybe, like him, I was saved: despite my being no good. Were any of these things true? Is there any objective evidence for any of those claims? Has any degree of falsification been attempted (by any besides me)?

If I say I’ll marry you, and you spend the weekend with me in a motel, and I don’t marry you, and I’m rich, and you can get a lawyer to listen sympathetically to you (once you convince the lawyer that I’m flush), if all of those things are true in succession, then you can sue me: and quite possibly collect. On occasion, the coercive law will coerce some son-of-a-bitch to pay up. But you can’t sue the law if it doesn’t. Only once in a few centuries, you get to kick the head of some scapegoat. Maybe the scapegoat was one of the monopolists, maybe he was just another victim. Either way, that’s all you’ll get to kick. Mussolini, once he’s powerless (and the “n-” all along). [Bowdlerizing K., 2016 08 03 Offensive terms go dosido in fashion.]

In the meantime we can all hope that someday God will make Mussolini hold still while we each take a turn kicking him in the balls. Then God will throw Mussolini howling into hell. If God is half as good as he says, then we all ought to be able to piss on Mussolini: forever: piss from heaven down into hell.

Unfortunately, if my experience is extrapolatable, it’s far more likely that God will make each of us hold still while Mussolini kicks each of us in the balls: again. And again. And then we’re each thrown howling into hell. And God and Mussolini can laugh at us. And piss on us. Forever.

The trouble with a lot of atheists is that they think we can get away with murder. Unfortunately so do a lot of theists. The latter think they can seduce God into forgiving them. Yes, I stuck the spear into Jesus’ side, but forgive me. I’m innocent ’cause I didn’t know any better. (He said so himself.) (OK, so I also lit the match that burned Giordano Bruno. I kept silent when Ivan Illich’s books were being weeded from circulation. I didn’t even donate a quarter to the Free Learning Exchange. But here, I’ll light this candle. I’ll put a dollar in the poor box. Make that two dollars. The Nixons are allowed to resign. They think they at least half got away with murder. There are no murals in the Nixon Library showing Dickie writhing in hell for each dead Cambodian. So how was Dickie responsible? We certainly didn’t hold him responsible?

As much as the Bible with its “God” is an apotheosis of our reactionary tendencies, our holding sacred our favorite superstitions, our homeostatic dragging of our feet to resist social as well as biological evolution, the Bible nevertheless has some things right on: the sins of the fathers are visited on the children: unto … Unto the Nth generation. Hitler and Nixon pay only a little bit for their crimes. (What did it cost Mussolini to have his head kicked once he was dead?) But the rest of us pay. Forever. When Saddam Hussein burned the Kuwait oil fields, that oil doesn’t come back. Some of the oxygen wasted in the burning gets reconverted by photosynthesis, but ever less and less. The people who burn also deforest, also pollute: so there’s less algae in the oceans. The biosphere is degraded while species are homogenized.

And the atheists are theists in one important respect: both believe that their ideas are more real than the physical universe and the biological biosphere. If the atheist doesn’t believe that God will forgive him, he believes with the theist that the biosphere can be put off, lied to with fake science, that his cigarettes won’t kill him: at least not yet. The atheist has all of the rationalizations of the theist: just without the Santa Claus at the end.

Well, maybe the atheist gets away with murder in SHis semantic fairyland of a mind, but his body still belongs to an invalid, non-viable species.

Six billion of us? A growing population? So we must be getting away with it? That’s what this old beer brewer heard my burbling yeast chant just hours before 99.9% of it died in its own alcohol.
From the beer’s standpoint, the purpose of the yeast is to eat the sugar till it poisons itself with the alcohol it pisses and shits into the wort, making it beer. From the earth’s standpoint, maybe kleptocratic man’s purpose is to kill the biosphere, turn Gaia to Venus, make Erda as dead as Mars.
But innocently. Without noticing that he’s doing it.
Consciousness without content. The species with the hyper-active gonads and the numb-nut morality. (Except when it comes to beating up the Jews. And the N-s. There our morality is militant.)

Not believing in reality.

Yeah. We’ll be responsible alright.

There’s something terribly wrong with what I’ve written above: it’s all men pissing on men (with the connivance of God). [The preceding section has been inserted, ruffling my prose a bit with no time to fix the whole now.] When do the trees get to piss on the lumberjacks? When does the fish get to yank a hook through my flesh? Does God ever make the husband sit still while the wife breaks his nose? (Or does God just watch the lawyer break both their noses (and then go have a drink with the lawyer?)

My grievances are of the “class action” type. I want my own justice but as part of a class. Failing that, I’d take my own; but I’d rather get it as a group. But of course you see I don’t expect any justice. I stopped holding my breath a long time ago. But here following I’ll change my tune to a personal one:

My church also trained me to sit still and to behave myself while I was being lied to by illiterate posturing morons (like the preacher) (like my teacher in school) (and like the governor). Well, I can’t very well ask for my money back, because I never gave the church more than a couple of dollars. And thanks to my training, I can’t (and won’t) make a living: so, as citizens go, I’ve paid very few taxes over a life time. (I might have paid far more if the government had left me alone in the first place and let me follow my early habits to wealth and profit. But no, I was ganged up on till I went to school, into the army, into graduate school … ever less and less able to function in the actual world. [note]

But not only do I get no personal satisfaction, the same churches (and schools) (and governments) continue to render other generations all but helpless.

I’m just reading Robert Anton’s Wilson’s Prometheus Rising. RAW gives his readers lots of neat tools with which to articulate the position that a big part of the program of civilization is to render the individual helpless: helpless and dependant: like a contemptible infant. Real infants fill us with parental nurturing; artificial infants (like all of us) (civilized men) (kleptocrats) fill me with loathing.

And those points are of a kind I could expand on indefinitely. Actually, expands on it a great deal: to a point where I’m maybe 30% done. (I’m perhaps 30% done in details; but I’ll roughly estimate that I’m 80% done in at least introducing generalities: at least as hints. Actually, as mere hints, I’m probably closer to 90% done.) (Which still leaves an infinitely unexplored universe which even I know nothing of.)

Understand, I’d posted this online before the fed censored one folder of one of my five domains, following which my Canadian host destroyed all my domains, including my business, while my family (long previously destroyed) failed to remount any of it, while the fed, knowing of the total destruction, did nothing to mitigate it: I was warned from trying. (Subsequently, I’ve tried anyway, to little result, getting at least three figures of four figures of files back up, but: the fed hasn’t rejailed me, hasn’t (visibly) re-censored me. (Other forces, very much government controlled, however do: google froze and lost a blog, WordPres fails to offer tags for most of my subjects … God will have plenty of ammunition against the government, the society, its institutions … its citizens, if he’s paying any attention.)

2004 01 01 I initiate a new responsibility piece: with a different enough emphasis to warrant a different module: Responsibility: Voluntary vs. Managed. And see my Responsibility preface to my Heaven, Hell, Judgement section.
[I’ll resurrect them soon.]


pk Taxes:

I paid no income tax even when I had millions.

Of course the “millions” were on paper. I never had more than a few dollars short of a hundred grand in cash: and even then, that money was earmarked for the business. I was nevertheless careful to spend very little of it on myself and to pay none of it to myself as taxable salary.

I can’t avoid sales taxes, road tolls, and so forth, but back in the 1960s — remember Vietnam? — I swore that I would never make enough income to support a war. As founder of FLEX I proposed that the world pay me $15,000 a year as chief executive. I thought I could support my family, modestly, on that. Modest was all I wanted. $15,000, with three dependants (and a dog) (and a dozen “volunteer” hangers on and moochers), would not have paid Uncle Sam enough to buy too many bullets. But of course, the world gave me no part of that $15,000. The tax on zero has always been zero.

Come Judgment, when God asks you how much of war you bought, your answer is very unlikely to be as modest as mine.

(See what I mean by modest? Only a maniacal egotist (like Jesus) (or me) can “afford” to be so modest he dies in abject poverty.) (Macroinformation!)

But Modesty has always been my forte,
And Pride my feeble.

Lord Byron

PS: It was always my hope when the business was turning over cash (and much more in paper), that the government would sniff out the fact that I paid no taxes, and come after me. The government would spend millions finally detecting that the petty cash that went into my stomach or onto my back or into my apartment rent or into my entertainment … came to about $7,000. The government would spend millions to prove that I owed them about $1,000! (I have to estimate. I never did such tallies even for my own curiosity. I had no curiosity about how much petty cash went into my stomach: so long as its wasn’t a lot of petty cash.)

Just remember: those millions, spent to persecute me, could then not be spent to drop bombs on poor people!




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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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