Compassion, Contempt

“Oh, no,” we thought, compassion warring with contempt.

The Sunday School teacher had just told us that old fashioned Jews in their age-old diaspora (the Holocaust being only a very few years before this incident) (we were in the late 1940s) wanted a little soil from Israel tossed into their coffins in the US: because God was in Israel! in the soil! “Oh, no, oh, no: God is universal! (And a spirit!)” So we squealed, silently in our minds, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

thanx israelseen

“That’s not religion!” I for one squealed on; “that’s superstition! thinking that God is in the soil! that God is local! How pathetic. (No wonder God prefers us Christians!)”

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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