Freedom of Kakapo

Good news: a preservation program has aided the flightless kakapo night parrot to breed on a New Zealand island.

thanx animal discovery

Cats and other imported predators had shoved the bird nearly to extinction. As David Attenborough had shown us in his BBC bird documentaries the male prepares the breeding ground, then signals for a female. The display is aural, uses sound. A mountain top helps, a good acoustic valley.
Trouble is: what if there’s no female to hear?

In this society I was compelled to go to a school. My parents (and I myself) were removed from the decision-making about when? where? what? how much? now long? The state makes the survival decisions: and they make them to serve the war machine economy! The teachbots, typically young to middle aged women, held me captive while they told lies about freedom of speech.

I flexed my tiny muscles, my tiny will, in an endeavor to make it true: I have tried to speak out, routinely spoken frankly, freely: with what Catfarmer called “appalling honesty.”

The cats that killed the kakapo don’t prevent the surviving males from calling for a female: the remaining males call and call. But there were no potential mates left!

Long before I began my free speaking, my free thinking, my free writing, the free hearers, thinkers, listeners had disappeared: replaced by teachbots, stubots: all war machine fodder and fodder formers.

The Jews tell stories about man not being very good at listening to God. God gets pissed, purges man, then makes Jews. But Jews also tell stories of Jews not being much better at listening to God than pre-Jews had been! But there were pre-Jews and Jews to try! Abraham! Moses! (at least in the stories)
Then Christians told stories about Jews convincing Romans to violate Roman law to kill the Jew Jesus: for trying to tell us what God said!
Then pk tells stories of Ivan Illich trying to tell stories about how Christians are still the same! same as man, same as Jews!

Illich got stomped on: but not till he was already famous.
Then pk got stomped on: the modern Romans violating all their sacred laws to enforce lies as lies! (Understand: Illich and I offered a new institution that, had the public used it, supported it, could potentially have unseated the state and reinstated the family and the individual! made free speech real!)
But the world had muffled itself in styrofoam peanuts, anti-acoustic packing.

Speech is impossible, meaningless.

Good! It’s the only way to get the war machine to commit suicide!
Win! and therefore lose!
And God can laugh, and laugh.

I lampoon my freedom and my writing thusly:

Dear Monarch, Dear Big Brother,
Please let me out of your dungeon,
I want to warn people that you’re a murderer
as well as a liar and pervert.

You know Mario Puzo’s novel The Fourth K imagined a scene much like that, very well.
Another Kennedy succeeds JFK. A captive “terrorist” is brought before him, held in some dungeon of the White House. This Kennedy listens to the terrorist, understands everything he says: the way Pilat understands Jesus in The Last Temptation of Christ. Oh, good, there’s hope yet. Not on your life: K just has him snuffed.


About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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