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Innocent Thief
Mission: to give us a true mirror of ourselves: especially with regard to kleptocracy

How many times have you seen it? The beautiful girl, cloistered at Vassar (albeit with a Ferrari to ennoble her seclusion), feeds the birds, recycles her Diet Coke can. Boys visiting from Cornell or wherever, exhibit lust effectively checked by reverence. Cut to the goons of the family business breaking the legs of some deadbeat who didn’t smile fast enough when they doubled the vig. Cut to her father, sitting in his dark den with his consigliore, planning another ten mil for the daughter’s trust fund.

Switch channels. The saintly girl emerges from the care of the nuns, resists a whole week in keeping her cherry from the ardent youth, and is aghast to learn that her father the king has just butchered another neighboring country. You prefer the Mafia daughter to the feudal princess, so you flick back. Daughter has just learned via a senate investigation what her father does for a living. She tears open the package her brother has asked her to hold for him. Five hundred large. She drives her Ferrari into the sunset, holding her nose in the air. Hollywood never shows her making the arrangements to ship her furs back to her father, her several walk-in closets full of designer dresses and shoes … Better yet, we should think of her as not shipping her furs to the people her father preyed on.

If we hadn’t switched channels we’d have seen the princess and her swain wrangle succession, poison the king, and take saintly possession of the bloated empire.

An earlier note recounts a more genuinely saintly sacrifice (see Class vs. Individual Action): The 200 franc whore learns that her Pierre has won his night of love in a trench lottery: one hundred doomed men have pooled their 2 francs each and Pierre got the lucky straw. They’ll all die in the morning, but at least lucky Pierre got laid first. The whore carefully subtracts two francs from her purse and gives them back to Pierre. (That was an episode in a French comedy, the Seven Deadly Sins. Seven stories, seven directors, seven casts … The French made it twice, in the fifties and again in the sixties. I’ll never forget either.)

Seven Deadly Sins
thanx letterboxd

The American girl goes from Sunday School to school school where she learns that all the land her family owns was stolen from the Cheyenne; that all the roads on it were built by convict labor where any suitable n- was convicted of any crime the authorities found convenient to invent. The news that night tells of Washington’s soul searching before delivering an ultimatum to the Arabs: sell us our oil, which so inconveniently happens to lie in your oil fields, at the price we want to pay, or lose both population and country. After all, we’ve used, blown up, or wasted all of our oil that was in our oil fields: now we need our oil that’s in your oil fields. You’ve got our oil, but we’ve got your nukes.

When she inherits the farm, does the American heiress give it to any remnant of the Cheyenne? Even two francs worth of it? Does she turn down the furnace and put on a sweater? Does she start walking to the mailbox even half the time? Or does she spend more taxes for prisons for the descendants of the forced convicts? We’re too squeamish to go on convicting them for labor; now we’ll just convict them: for any damn thing. So they can’t get at us. The Cheyenne are defeated: no need to worry about them.

2000 05 06 A thief is one who steals. A fence is one who deals in things stolen by others. Is it possible to be a citizen of a kleptocracy and not be a fence if not an outright thief? The old countries stole their basics so long ago no one remembers or cares. So France belongs to the French. Isn’t it wonderful how the newcomers, like US, whose crimes are fresh, pose as though we offered moral leadership?

Fabulous Kipling quote:

I never got over the wonder of a people who, having extirpated the aboriginals of their continent more completely than any modern race had ever done, honestly believed that they were a godly little New England community, setting examples to brutal mankind.

2002 03 27 The news reports a class action suit on behalf of descendants of slaves against US corporations such as Aetna that have been around for a while. It’s about time the princess was invited to give a few of her cashmeres back.

Of course the corporations are saying the “the law” isn’t the right place for old injustice. Do the kleptocrats really want to postpone everything till Judgment? Haven’t they heard of accrued interest? Better to pay now, whatever the cost. It will only get worse and worse.

2014 02 21 The Godfather climaxes with murders all over New York, In Las Vegas … intercut with footage of Michael in church at the christening of his grandson. Great, great filmmaking, we all know that. The Sopranos (ep 3) ends with Chris being shot with an empty gun as his buddy, in the bath, Marat etc, gets shot with a live gun (as Uncle Junior watches) intercut with Meadow singing with the chorus and then solo, All Through the Night. Tony comes in, late, joins Carmela, takes her hand. Carmela withdraws it, she’d just learned of his once upon a time adultery with the neighbor’s wife, her catering assistant. Good stuff. People are getting beaten, castrated, extorted … and Meadow sings in the chorus. Meandow has half a clue what her father does, her uncle, her cousin …

Our Oil Under Your Land
2015 12 18 Just watching the definitive embodiment of the same attitude: John Wayne: the Duke relentlessly extirpates the native tribes from our, the white man’s, land. All land is ours, the white man’s. The movie I was just watching is Reel Injun, check it out: Hollywood imagery as propaganda for kleptocracy, genocide.

While I’m at it let me observe that states, governments, nations rehearse the same trickery: I offered “the” internet in 1970: after the government had squeezed me our of university life (the university had already squeezed me plenty, the state then beat up on the cadaver. So the government waits, waits some more, then bodyblocks me some more while they supervise my internet, making it an arm, not of liberty (not of anarchism) but of control: of government.

Princess Audrey

How To Steal a Million
thanx cartelesmix

2016 06 15 Jan and I recently watched How To Steal a Million with Peter O’Toole and Audrey Hepburn. She plays the spoiled rotten daughter of an art thief and art forger. She meets O’Toole stealing one of her father’s fakes: though it turns out he’s actually a cop of sorts, a detective, a scholar sleuth: exposing forgeries. Anyway Audrey is so fetcing in her Yves St. Laurant this and Givenchy that. Does she really want to be a member of an honest family making minimum wages?

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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