Stories Exposing “Experts”

Expertise is something we should all applaud; until thugs calling themselves a state, a nation … law and order, start imposing shills on you: false experts, calling them experts: misdealing, forcing fraud.

Ivan Illich encouraged “Christians” who would live convivially, as “brothers” (as distinct from stacked into a vertical hierarchy by the lackies of the war machine) to be self-reliant: parents should try again to teach their children rather than have then outsourced, to teachers. Brr, shiver, ugh.
Real teachers get crucified, always have: watch out for promoted teachers!

Anyhow, here’s a story. It’s true, but I tell it as urban legend, inventing the details: because researching it would sink my already foundering ship: torpedoed by the experts, for two-thirds of a century!

In the US, somewhere in North America, was a town, on an island, in a river: a very small town: but a town. It had a bridge to one bank of the river: it’s one artery, it’s lifeline.
The bridge was an old bridge, a wooden bridge: way old, way out of date, way in need of repair.
It wasn’t that they didn’t know it; it was obvious, had long been obvious. But now they had to reclassify it: as an emergency.
The elders called a contractor, a local guy, a “friend.” He knew the bridge well, but got out and down, examined it, came up with two figures: wholly replace it, for $X; minimally repair it, need it again in a year or two: $30,000.

The elders looked into the check book: $500. They looked at potential revenues, they looked in their pockets, they looked in the cookie jar … No way did they have $30,000. No way could they promise to repay $30,000. Banks on the bank looked the other way.
So they called an out of town construction company: $20,000,000, half up front.
So they called an out of town construction company they hoped would be more accomodating: sure enough: $6,500,000, 75% up front.

Gee, guys, gals, now what? We’ll lose everything: our homes, our businesses … We’ll be lucky to find work as chicken pluckers out there on the bank.

So: they decided to do what they could with the $500 they had and what they could scrounge. They bought lumber, nails, rented some SCUBA gear, figured how to drive a pylon or two deep into the muck, fed by fried chicken from the wives.
And they rebuilt the bridge, just fine. $500 plus their own labor and ingenuity.

In 1970 I said Why should it cost $50 billion to learn to read? I knew how to read before I set foot in the grade supposedly teaching me: I’d learned by seeing my sister learn. By the sixth grade I’ll bet that if properly tested I would have outscored the teachers. Result: I wasn’t tarred and feathered, not at first; just ignored. My family crumbled, my son was kidnapped, no one sticking up for family, not the churches, no one … And finally I was arrested rather than ignored, censored rather than just not published, jailed, not just ignored. The bomb droppers don’t want anyone seeing real choices.

It was bad in 1970: Nixon, etc; it’s worse now. Fatally.
And I laugh, and laugh: all the way to oblivion.

DeGate (DeRegulate etc.)

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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