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Once upon a time a good boy, or Queen Victoria, never heard of queers! Then one day you go to San Francisco and a thousand nude fags and lezzies on bicycles ride right over you!

San Francisco homo parade
(Lessies weren’t illegal under Queen Vicky because the subject could not be mentioned to her!)
San Francisco gay parade

One day you’ve never heard of some actor, some politician, some musician, then the next day you hear him mentinoed a dozen times! Is it that our attention clumps? or is something else going on too? Well, I know one thing: numbers have a lot to do with how visible minorities are willing to be. When I was first transferred by the fed from the Palm Beach jail to the Federal Detention Center in Miami I went from having a gentlemanly WASP bunk mate (my favorite accused wife murderer) to having a strapping rude Cuban for a cell mate. There were lots of Cubans in that jail, maybe 20%, but it wasn’t like I was the only WASP. And if I had been the only WASP I might still have paraded around as though I belonged, as though I owned the joint: like Romans once upon a time, like Nazis from the mid 1930s to 1944 or so, like Americans since 1945, like the Lakota probably once behaved in Dakota … Majority! (Feeling secure, like a moron with a magnum!)

Anyway, I had more exposure to Cubans than ever before. In the army they were paraded past me by the FBI / army: I was forced to help draft them! But they sat at my desk one at a time, seldom more than two: way outnumbered by Puerto Ricans, by WASPs, by blacks …
Then one day I’m taken back to Palm Beach for a while, then returned to Miami: a totally different Miami. Cubans seemed to be everywhere, loud, obnoxious. Ugly Americans, rude Nazis, were never uglier or ruder than the Cubans. [note] They played their dominos at one hundred decibes! They slapped the pices onto the table, they pounded the table with their elbows as they slapped, Wham! Bam! Take that! They roared, they guffawed!

I was taken aback, then I figured: the Cubans have risen to about 30%! That’s all it took for them to feel dominant!
Then I was off to Palm Beach again. Once back at Miami still again it was peaceful! Quiet as the tomb! The Cubans had receeded back to twenty-some percent, took all the starch out of them!

PS: That original cell mate of mine once challenged me to a chess game. “Sure.” I worked hard during the first eight or ten moves, secured an advantage, coasted, tore him apart. “Another,” he challenged. Same again.
“Another,” I asked? “No, no,” he said. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I heard you could play, well, I can play, I wanted to show you what I got; but today I just don’t got nothin’.”
“Hey, Buddy,” I said. “Don’t feel bad. You gotta understand: I can play this game! Don’t expect to walk over me. I can see you can play: I worked hard for my advantage.”

That guy, however arrogantly he had treated me from the beginning had actually taken me under his wing, was protecting me, from an utterly insane Haitian Hispanic white-hating Nazi. Anyway, he was never arrogant with me again, he faded into the wallpaper. Even his dominos went back below seven decibels.
Now, in memory, I’m fond of him. If I can recall his name, I’ll name him. Nestor? Good looking bastard, some of the qualities of Mark Strong, and Seve Ballasteros.

PS: That Hatian martinet I’ll never forget. He’d stand at the top of the stair case, Miami FDC, 7 West, and declaim: in some crio I understood very little of. And he’d hold up graphics elaborately Catholic: all gold and green (as in money): Sicilian esthetic. I think he thought he was telling us that he was a saint, or an angel: a messenger of god.
Nonsense! Could there have been more than one of us? in one jail? at the one time?
Anyone could see that he was a fraud because he had no idea who I am!

Note: Ugly Americans, rude Nazis, absurd Japanese … I left out the French! There’s an article today reporting that the French themselves are getting sick of their ethnic rudeness. 2012 07 28 I add a post on the subject.

Cheez, do I love the San Francisco bicyclist with the big cat spots. I adore how her pubics protrude down over her bicycle seat! What nice lips she would have.

2012 08 04 Wow, I just saw a slide show for a gay parade in Israel, ultra-Orthodox Jews, whatever that means, looking on, carrying signs …being remembered as stabbing past participants …

I once heard that fireflies light the summer evening as a way of population density control! a way of averaging, distributing … If it’s dark, fly toward any other light; if it’s crowded with light, fly to someplace less crowded.

I recall a detail from an Eisentstein movie, Ivan the Terrible, I think: coins are passed to soldiers before a battle. After the battle the soldiers put their coin back in the jar as they check in: simple subtraction tracks losses! 1,000 coins to start, 700 returned: 300 dead, missing, trapped …

Note: Before the Cubans became so loud, the blacks didn’t have to put up with shouting WASPs, the WASPs didn’t have to cower before a black “majority” … Those groups already felt their power, they didn’t have to scream it. Had the Cubans truly had influence they would have quieted after a while, stabilized at “normal.”

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