Socrates and Other Corruptors of Youth

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from an email: to Ian Williams Goddard

The context is that Goddard’s home page was one of those singled out by 60 Minutes as proof that the internet had to be consored.

Protecting Our Children

In sooth the truth corrupts our youth

Socrates took hemlock, a poison.

I don’t agree with the details of what Socrates is supposed to have said any more than I agree with the details of what Jesus is supposed to have said: I nevertheless accept both in their mythic role of “truth teller.”

What I do not accept in the mythic role of truth teller is any current, sponsored, information organ. Expect disinformation from governments, sponsors, schools, from tenured teachers, from 60 Minutes.

I’ll bet the ploy to protect children from real thinking was old hat when the Athenians used it 2500 years ago. But I’ll bet it’s not older than the 6000 or so year age of civilization. We’re a disguised predator, but our disguises were once either genetic, traditional, or individually improvised; not choreographed and revisable each time the stockholders meet. Nixon’s White House revamped the Truth every 24 hours.

Everyone knows 90% to all of the above: yet you and I are among the very few who’ll admit to knowing any part of it. But here’s something for your delectation even I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t been lucky enough to be listening to NPR in 1964 or so when a condemned thought criminal was interviewed from Cuba.

Guy was from Monroe, Alabama. N- had been uppity: meaning he hadn’t always crossed the street and cringed on the other side fast enough if he saw us coming.
[Bowdlerizing K., 2016 08 02 To me a syncopated word is even more offensive than the straight vulgar term.]
Tradition hadn’t ganged up on him sufficiently so the Klan, meaning 99% of everybody, decided to give him a custom refresher course. They arrived en masse outside his house, burning torches, wearing white, brandishing shotguns, tying stout rope into a hangman’s noose, throwing it over a branch of one of his trees … Let’s say there were thirty in the trespassing mob; n- was alone as the adult male homey.

But for some reason, at least in this guy’s case, 1960 wasn’t 1860. The guy came of of his house, not crawling, sniveling, begging, snot and saliva befouling his face; but carrying his own shotgun. The lynchers hightailed it out of there, regrouped and sent themselves back wearing different costumes: badges instead of white hoods. The badges couldn’t get him, so they regrouped till they could go back as the Fed. The Fed he couldn’t scare off with one shotgun, so he fled to Canada. Cuba offered him a haven and a platform and he took it. Naturally, that proved that he was a Communist and an enemy of the state and no more need be said: except NPR somehow let the guy actually speak.

That’s the basic story: but I still haven’t said what I learned from it, what was so precious, what I offer to share with you. When the lynchers came, they did it by a tradition I’d never heard an important detail of: they brought their women and children along and used them as a front rank, a bumper, a shield. No, they weren’t the shock troops, they weren’t the troops at all; they were the excuse, the insurance policy: and a different kind of badge. See, they smoke the n- out of his house. If he cringes and begs properly, they can let him live … castrate him … shoot him in disgust … They have several options. But if he raises his arms to defend himself, they can open fire and tell themselves the next day with the sheriff’s badge back on that they were defending themselves, that he’d attacked their children!

If he says Get the hell off my land, they can do the same, use the rope, whatever they want: they’re God fearing Christians and he’s cursed in front of their gentlefolk.

The good people of Alabama had no doubt done all of those things on many different occasions, all didactic to the community as well as to the victim: what they had never encountered, not even in legend, was an armed uppity n-.

The Athenians put their children between themselves and their conscience, Monroe put their children between themselves and independence, dignity. Now I see that 60 Minutes has put our children between ourselves and Goddard.

It’s been thirty years since I’ve directly heard any of the accusations about myself as a corrupter of children. Another nearly infallible ploy is used, nearly always works: I’m just ignored.

2012 07 24 update: I was arrested in 2006. One section of one of my domains was censored in 2007; but the host destroyed all of my data for all of my domains. The FBI warned me that they’d push me back under and hold me there if I republished any part of any of it.

But I’ve been using blogs to put it back. If only there were two or more real humans to read it!

2016 08 02 Realize: I’m the age Socrates was when Athens ganged up on him. Maybe I’m a year older: in the neighborhood.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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