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Ambidexterity of Mind (and Body)

The Knatz.com correspondent whose web handle [was] “Jolie Louise” [was] at home between semesters dealing with her brand-new, long-longed-for, guitar. pk is nothing if not imperialist in his lust to teach: I imposed the following lessons on this precious young woman.

My quondam wife and I, back in the 60s, made very good progress with our recorders for a couple of weeks, then she leveled off and I had to try to struggle on alone. (You know the straight wooden flutes? Very popular in the 15th & 16th centuries. Henry VIII wrote (well) for them.) When practice got put aside nothing external pushed me back toward it: until age 50 when I tried a chord instrument: a keyboard.

Your guitar is another chord instrument. Permits play of melody and harmony simultaneously (once you learn how).

There’s something I’m just getting a handle on now that any kid playing with others would have breathed in through his skin by the time he’s playing in a band in high school. I don’t know how well this will help others but it might, so let me try to say what I see.

(Coming in sideways)
The hardest thing in golf is to realize that while your eye is on the ball, your focus must be on your target: 2 feet to the right of 200 yards to your left! a very long, thin rectangle. If you focus on what you’re looking at (the ball), you’ll play very badly.

In skiing, the hardest thing is to square your upper body to the fall line: face where you don’t want to go (not too fast at least): now your hips and knees can put pressure on your ski edges: CONTROL is possible.

If you face to the side, your immediate, temporary, cybernetic (half-of-the-sin -wave) direction, your center of gravity will move downhill of your skis: you over-turn, you fall down: going backwards, straight down the mountain on your ass.
You have to face the valley with your shoulders and head while resisting it with your hips. Your “face” gives purchase to the feet.
(The dimensions are macroinformational.)

In music, if you’ve been a listener (not a participant), however well you recognize what THEY’re doing, your hands will begin by being static, not fluid. Even after you’ve forced yourself into a G7 fretting until it’s “comfortable,” the not-yet musician will tend to freeze there: not realizing that G7 is just a stepping stone: back to C, on to D7 … whatever.

Music moves. C MUST go to G7 after a while. G7 absolutely HAS to get back to C.
(The information pressures other information. Difference resolves.)

First you’ve got to learn the C fingering, and the G7 fingering … and the F fingering … But the point is to get to where your hands (with your mind) can flow with the CHANGES (without getting ahead of the beat.) The aim is to become one with the over-all harmony: the meta-pattern.)

While young we get fluid naturally. But we ossify here and there even before puberty.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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