Co-evolution Pratfalls

Man bred “grasses” (like wheat, rice, corn) to feed himself. Looked at from another perspective the grasses bred man to carry it, and the apple, and the virus … to the Moon, Mars, Jupiter. Pot wigs us out: so we’ll grow ever stronger pot. The squirrels serve the oaks, the heron, eating the minnows but dropping one, accidentally, into the next pond over, serves the minnows. Co-evolution: species’ partnerships.

In Africa there is a tree that elephants eat. The seeds of this tree evolved ever thicker, more indigestible seed covers. The elephant would get some of the seeds’ nourishment, some of the seeds would pass through the elephant’s digestive tract and still be able to germinate a new plant once pooped. Over time the plants’ seeds became totally indigestible to the elephant: simultaneously, ironically, hilariously, the seeds became so tough, so indigestible, that today the species is wholly dependent on the elephant: sterile alone: these trees cannot germinate until the seeds have passed though an elephant!

Now: compare that to messages from God! God sends Jesus, human kleptocracy murders him rather than listen. Tiberius didn’t get it, Herod didn’t get it, Caiaphas didn’t get it, Pilat didn’t get it: or, if they did, they pretended not to! God’s words passed through the Roman and Jewish empires without one word being understood by the audience! But: Christians repeated (and paraphrased, and mis-repeated) some of the words (whether or not they get them). By the time a few hundred, a few thousand Christians had been also sabotaged, jailed, tortured, fed to lions, crucified, has the coating that makes the words indigestible softened up? Will anyone get any part of it?
Diversity had the advantages, till monoculture cheats: to its own, and all of our, undoing. note

I carry a few messages from God: I’ve been sabotaged, silenced, jailed, censored. Do I understand 100% of my “own” message? 50%? 10%? Shouldn’t someone try to assist my understanding as well as relay the parts of the messages they hear before I’m dead and can’t testify, can’t regurgitate, can’t comment, or explain?
Am I the elephant? or am I the seed? or am I the tree that didn’t reproduce because my seeds were indigestible to the society bleared by the NYT? lobotomized by the Pentagon of PennState?

Origin note: but what if in order for the entire environment to survive, plant and elephant and everything else, then the seed must be at least partly digested? the thing that saves you Monday to Saturday can kill you Sunday.

Sources: Attenborough BBC series, Pollan, Botany of Desire … Nigel Calder …

2012 07 29 I just changed the title of this piece. That may well mess up some subscribers’ links: sorry, I don’t do it lightly. Future editing will show a bunch of whys.

Note: my symbolisms are not only my own, not traditional, but full of problems, can’t be helped. Ferinstance, I employ Jesus, the NT … as symbols of evolutionary potential for success, civilization, kleptocracy … as symbols for stupidity, dishonesty … evolutionary failure: the smoker finding excuses to smoke even as the cancer wracks them. But the symbols might fit better from opposite positions: Jesus represented God, God it could be argued is monoculture, not diversity! The Bible, our old stories, are not fundamentally progressive; they’re fundamentally kleptocratic, inflexible, doomed.
But hell, where am I going to find examples of truth amid the detritus of human propaganda?


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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