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My home page has gotten some nice mail, from around the world, this past near decade. Some examples [were] posted in the Feedback section of Macroinformation. Responses not specifically about macroinformation (nor already posted, such as in my FLEX folder) I’ll sample here, starting with one fairly recent:

Billy Mac

2002 06 24

I found your site through a search of kleptocracy after learning about this word via Jared Diamond. You sound like me, or more likely, I sound like you.

I know you don’t give a shit about degrees or certificates, so I will tell you I studied public administration and nonprofit management. I did this because I was tired of belly-aching about how the federal government is F-ed up and no one cares about anyone. The state is corrupt, the church is corrupt, the private industry is corrupt and the family doesn’t exist. This leaves the nonprofit sector to take care of the rest of the world. The only problem is they rely on the other four sectors for resources. Hence, it’s worthless.

The world is run by rich people who happened to come out of a “good” vagina. I’m okay with that. I can follow. I just wish they would stop patting themselves and each other on the back for all of their “good” work. If someone in my family stole something from someone and then I give a portion of it back to the victim, am I a good person? Should they thank me and be grateful?

When I read “Business and community are incompatible …,” I had to write. I agree. Something needs to be done. You are heard and you are understood.

from 6/24/02
Re: kleptocracy

… legislation is enacted to protect the weak and feebleminded from themselves
and each other. the irony is — if the governments weren’t so oppressive,
there wouldn’t be weak or feeble-mindedness.

— natural law and natural selection exist to allow plants and animals to doom
themselves. an adventurous infant ring-tailed lemur may fall from a high
branch and die. so be it. the world moves on and the troop will continue to
support itself. however, it is to a government’s advantage to implement
climbing height requirements – not because it has compassion for it’s masses,
but so as not to loose a valuable resource.

from 2002 06 25
Re: kleptocracy

I’m sure by now i may have come off as a psycho-stalker e-mailing you so many times in less than 24 hours. sorry about that. i work in the nonprofit sector and have been forced by incompetent management to not work hard because it upsets those who don’t want to — and so i spend most of my time researching various topics to help accomplish my personal goals.

“I love mankind, it’s people I can’t stand,” Linus from Peanuts (Charles Shultz)

I never understood why I didn’t fit in. I’ve grown up thinking everyone is an idiot. After reading Hernstein and Murray’s “Bell Curve,” I realized … everyone IS an idiot (through no fault of their own). Those who aren’t exist in social circles I, as a proletariat, have not been accepted into.

It’s good to see someone out there feels the same way I do and who has the balls to broadcast other’s works. I never knew it existed. Thank you.

That’s just a sample. Since first writing, Bill has introduced me to some interesting other thinkers on the web.

Billy has sent lots of great mail since then: and is just finishing up a paper on Ritual vs. Sport which I will find room for at K. as a “guest” paper: I certainly approve the thesis in general if not in complete detail.


Since first writing, Bill has introduced me to some interesting other thinkers on the web. And he’s gotten into what bk is doing at 2002 08 05 bk wrote Bill a great reply about anarchism which no doubt bk will post in one form or another. The correspondence triggered me to write something I posted yesterday. Last night Billy Mac responded. I quote only the welcome praise at the end:

oh, your writing is phenomenal

i don’t think most people get it

2002 10 03

you are my living intellectual hero

As I do with my own quick writing from my Journal, I leave his quick typing unedited.

For more Billy Mac samples, continue below.

2002 10 03

oh, i like what you did with your site — i refer to it often, like when i needed a reference about your hot frog, soft learn

thanks again for the encouraging words —

you are my living intellectual hero

I have “hot frog, soft learn” references all over K., but he may well be referring specifically to a file [formerly] near my cover page.

2002 10 09

would you consider sending one page from your site per day to me and i could forward it to members of the union — daily wisdom

you could do it in order of topic because your site is so deep and complex, it is very overwhelming for most

i considered doing it myself, but i believe you have a better understanding of your own work and would be able to make a better sequence

i would like to introduce many to your work, but just sending them to your site seems to scare them

2002 10 10

you shouldn’t be thanking me, the thanks are all to you for not shutting up or shooting yourself like so many before you

my next work is going to be a canvas 6ft wide by 4ft tall. demonized uncle sam in the middle with outstretched arms
on the left, young children are entering a “school” with lunch pails in hand and smiles on their faces — uncle sam’s right hand is pouring pennies into the roof of the school
out from the school walks, to the right, zombies into the “colleges” with IOUs flowing from the college roof into uncle sam’s mouth
robots walk to the right from the college and into a factory with hundred $ bills flowing from the roof of the factory into uncle sam’s left hand
pays pennies and gets c notes at our expense

there are only a few who realize this and you are one of them

the world needs more pks

2002 10 17 The universe must be passing into some prime time these days. Billy Mac is in the midst of some interesting work of his own and today proposed that I edit something of his and post it as a guest piece here at K.

Certainly. Let’s look forward to it. It won’t be the first guest piece: let’s hope it’s the best.

2002 11 22 We haven’t received Billy’s guest piece yet. Could that be because of the virus that wiped all his files from his PC? I hope his new Mac is more reliable. Meantime, today brings some letters.

i was reading about edges and boarders and how we are always in the middle of two infinite numbers and how there is no exact middle
i believe you can be on one side of the middle and that everything resides on a bell curve with those infinities extending each way
and with the argument that if you block off 1 sq foot, you have enclosed two areas
you bring an amazing point and I’m not sure how this fits but —
think non-linearly
what if the curve was 3 dimensional, looking like an actual “bell” with the numbers extending 360 degrees and the majority of people existing in the “dome” of the bell with you and i (with a slim minority) residing in an area far off from most others, but closely related (adjacent) to “some” others
and for your army buddy and his remarks about your writing going totally insane at one point — that should mean incomprehensible right?
to me, it is more insane to want to be part of the dome of the bell

I replied

Wow, now that’s putting disparate stuff together in exactly the right way.
I wish Bucky Fuller could see his stuff coming from my mouth. I sure love seeing “my” stuff come from your mouth.

Note: I haven’t yet fully digested the new point Billy makes using my metaphors. For the moment I’m neither endorsing nor annotating it: merely loving that he’s making use of my tools: inherited in part from others before me.

2002 11 22

… and your map/territory work is amazing
are those bateson’s concepts or yours?
either way, more people need to understand the difference

(The core file Billy references is my Thing vs. Description file.

On the same date Bill adds:

we all view the world in different ways and i believe the reason artists of all sorts create is because they feel so different and alone. nevertheless, in order to make sense of the world, there must be someone out there who understands — so we paint paintings, sculpt clay, write books and so much more as a kind of billboard, sitting back and waiting for someone to “get it.” for if they “get it,” they get us. and that verifies our existence. the mind cannot operate alone.

2003 01 04

i just read your piece about bucky fuller and hot dogs and realize why your site is set up the way it is and why most people don’t get it

they don’t understand tensgrity either

That’s deep. Now I have to wonder if Billy sees what I see: or if he sees something I don’t but should.

2004 02 25 I’d thought I’d sampled enough from billy no matter what other nice things he said, but today’s is too delicious not to include:

… writing a paper on society’s process of social evolution and came across this — just replace hegel with pk

Hegel’s philosophic thought is very difficult to understand. Hegel himself is reported to have said, “Only one man has understood me, and even he has not!” Marx contended that he was the one man who understood Hegel, and claimed that Hegel did not understand himself.

2004 04 18 This too:

i can always count on your writing to get me through a class

love your work, always have, always will

The epistemological meat is in the ellipsis. Write if you want details: with Billy’s permission, we’ll provide.

@ K. 2002 11 24

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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