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DeCentralize. Remove the gatekeepers.
No Gatekeeper!

1970, Ivan Illich published Deschooling Society.
1970, an editor at Harpers coined that unfortunate word of the title: deschooling.)
1970, I founded Free Learning Exchange: an offer to realize Illich’s design. (A prototype for a free internet, cybernetic data basing, cybernetic feedback, I emphasized the cybernetic part (Illich’s idea!) far beyond what he did. He taked about “bulletin boards” while I talked about sharing-time-on-a-mainframe, writing public software for mainframes … A terminal in every neighborhood (physically kin to a PhotoMart kiosk) like a “zillion” little neighborhood “churches”): could have transformed the world: as I said in 1970!)

I followed suit: said “deschooling,” never liked it: and, in forty-two years the public still doesn’t understand what it means, or how it applies to them! Is Illich inarticulate? Am I? Or is the public benighted?
Yes: made so and kept so by myriad gatekeepers!

That’s what Illich was trying (to get us) to get rid of! said deschooling, my domain, a K. spinoff, said deschooling. This blog, trying to resurrect my domains from federal censorship, offered “DeDe”: I was suggesting that the essence of deschooling was a trio of “De”s”


best pronounced as a duo: DeDe. But now I want to try out this new coinage: DeGate!

Be free, advance and protect individual autonomy: we de-clawed the Church: now we have to get the government off our backs, out of our pockets, out of our families.

But now, thanks to a phrase by Thomas DiLorenzo, I rephrase: No Gatekeeper!


Compulsory schooling must be resisted.

We must also see the harm in the licensing of experts: one of “school’s” functions: in a free society you could choose the doctor or the midwife or your Aunt Claire … In a free society you could hire Miss Tilly to teach your child English; but you could also teach the child yourself! You could use a school room, or your living room, or a coffee shop!
(You can also lay off when you realize that the kid is learning to read perfectly well from his big sister.)

2012 09 09 Since writing this post I’ve been reading Brafman & Beckstrom, The Starfish and the Spider. Good metaphors. Coercive institutions, like states, are centralized, like a spider, taking directions from the head; convivial institutions are decentralized, like Apaches, like a starfish, have no head. Every individual has a head, brains, intelligence; but the society lives intelligently, convivially, without Big Brother as Bully.

One fabulous irony I see in deschooling, deGating … Illich was a monseigneur in the Roman Church. You can’t get more hierarchal than that! I was matriculated for my doctorate: to be put behind a lecturn, to talk above people!

I still expect, without results, to be listened to! Not to be interrupted. But the good little beheaded client spiders, my neibhbors, fellows, do interrupt me: as any good Jew would have interrupted Jesus, as any good peasant would interrupt, shun, run from Abelard, from Galileo … Don’t listen to them!

When we’re dead it won’t be from disrespect of heads, or brains, it will be from respecting the wrong brains, overpowering them: giving them unhealthy amounts of power.
So: did I want to enslave the world to make it free? No. I gave the world a choice, non-coercively. It chose death, not my fault.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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