Fun with the Constitution

from News 2012 08 12

Joan Rivers tries making a joke out of the Constitution

Joan Rivers handcuffed herself to a shopping cart in a store which declined to sell her book, pretended it was a First Ammendment violation. Go, Joan.

The web article concluded, “In reality, Costco doesn’t really have a legal obligation, under the First Amendment, to sell any product.”

She was goofing on popular confusions made timely by protests about gay marriage and free speech at a chicken franchise.

pk shouldn’t have to explain this, but I’ll try: again!
The Constitution is a set of laws the founding fathers were intending to impose on the federal government; thus: Ammendments are not prescriptions to the public (neither are they prohibitions to the public). You, personally, don’t have to allow free speech; Jefferson and friends had no right to tell you what to do. The federal government is their intended audience. It’s the federal government which may not legally interfere with free speech: “The federal government shall make no law …”

The Ten Commandments: now that’s different.

The Old Testament’s Ten Commandments are presented by Judaism as “God”‘s prohibition against certain behaviors: Don’t do this, Don’t do that.
In contrast, the New Testament’s Two Commandments are a prescription: Do do this, Do do that: love God, love your neighbor: Period: etc.

The Constitution is a set of prescriptions and proscription; intended to limit the behavior (and growth) of the federal government: Do have an executive, do have a congress, do have a judiciary; Do not take power from the states, except these few powers the states are hereby giving you, Do not take power from the people (poor suffering bastards, as governments have always done (for four thousand shameful years)! (The founding fathers were creating a monster, they knew it, they were trying to be careful (fools that they [we] were [are].) They’d just murdered the natives, grabbed their land: they’d just gotten out from under King George, gotten him to go back home, stay away; now they were scheming to launch themselves into orbit: by recreating King John, King Henry; different king Georges …

Trying to avoid the dog-doo we stepped right in it.
And God laughs and laughs.
(I don’t doubt that he’s laughing with Joan Rivers too!)

(Seventy-nine years old! isn’t she wonderful?) (Barnard girl, smart girl.) (She makes the best vaginal jokes I’ve ever heard from a woman, hard to believe she can tell them in public, on TV, with a straight face. And Joan, you’ve long joked about being ugly, unattractive, making your “husband” barf; dammit woman, never mind all the surgery, you look good!)

Social Order

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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