Speak for Yourself

If Jack keeps Jill from speaking, how can Jill become a competent speaker?

Someone asks Jill a question; Jack answers for her: Jill doesn’t object, not in any way that anyone notices: and, if someone does notice, watch out Jack doesn’t interrupt them too.

Adam talked to God himself, God talked to Adam: or Eve, so did Satan. God talked to Abraham, Abraham talked to Isaac.
But soon it was God talking to Moses and Moses talking to the Jews. Hey, how come God didn’t just talk to the Jews himself?

Jeff and friends formed a republic (on land wrestled for by genocide, chemical warfare …) (biological warfare (booze, germs …) They modified the republic with democracy: you elect a representative, the representative rides to Washington and talkes to Jeff and friends.
Good. Efficient. for the 18th century! But what if you’re in DC yourself, and in 2012: can you talk to Jeff? Can you talk to your representative? Buddy, you can’t even park!

But never mind, see the pattern, the ur pattern:
Once people did their own magic; then people hired middlemen; now you are forced to hire middlemen, everybody makes a lot of noise, and no communication takes place: except power poker communication: if you come into the game with a big enough wad, you’ll probably win the pot no matter what cards who holds.

Meantime, institutions enforce the non-communication.

Hey, hold on: don’t think I’m implying that if Jill ran things, we’d be better off than with Jack running things. Maybe, for a little while, in some things; other things would likely be worse.

But understand: pk is not for a change of administration, pk is for wholesale revolution: where no one runs anything! where people stop you the minute you try to run things for them.

But that would only be possible if first 90% of the population died off, maybe 99%.

Hey, 1% of five billion people is a lot more optimistic than zero!

Don’t take my money and give me food: get out of my way and I’ll find my own food.

The internet I offered in 1970 maybe could have facilitated communication: if people had supported it, if people had smacked the state’s hand when the state plagiarized it with this (shudder) internet! (the internet where the inventor of the internet gets smacked down, arrested, censored!)

But that too mighn’t have helped if people didn’t use such sudden new found freedom to become honest, to become intelligent, to match their population to something sustainable: and I don’t mean what state lifers lie is sustainable: I mean truly.

Argh! I never got to my original target: science as funded ! and licenced ! by the state!!

Once upon a time God talked to Adam. Adam couldn’t look around and see for himself, he needed to be told! by the expert! by the owner, the authority, the magical, not the rational, being.
Then Jeff and friends founded US.
Jeff wanted to get rid of the priests: he believed in reason! he believed in man!
Then we all had to go to school. Klepbots, licensed by the state, crooned to us that we lived in Jeff’s Eden, not God’s: we didn’t need God: or rather, we had God, God loved us, our genocides, our germ and alcohol warfare were “under God.”

Meantime, creeping from under the rubble was a tiny tickle of reason stuff never completely buried under superstition and ritual: a little empiricism: like a blade of grass coming up no matter how much concrete you laid down. The Church hadn’t been able to stop a tad of Abelard from spreading: despite blackballing him and cutting his balls off. But the State and its schools and its klepbots went the Church one better: they destroyed reason, all possibility of science, palmed technology in its place, by funding it! worse, then they licensed it!
Every priest licensed by the Church to speak for God can show his certificate! There’s the signature, “God”: The handwriting Satan’s.

Now we don’t need experience, or intelligence, to tell us what our experience was: sit still and the experts will tell us!
And you don’t even need to be able to afford the pay the expert! Obama will take all of our money, and your money, and her money, and pay the experts for us: doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists … an infinite stream of klepbots, all talking, all getting paid, everything stained by Satan’s license-forgery ink, the noise impenetrable: except by a giga-wad.

Obama: Take All My Money
That’s a joke so deep, so wide, so all-implicating I don’t know if I could explain more than a fraction of it myself.
Let’s try exploring just one channel: I don’t have any money! Seldom have had. And it wasn’t Obama that took it, he wasn’t even born yet! However, he is descended, directly, from those those who made it impossible for me to make money legitimately.
There’s a question: is it possible in a kleptocracy for any money to be legitimate?

The state destroyed what little was left of my business in 2006: by arresting me, then convicting me, making up the facts as it went along, intimidating proof where it listed, then censoring my central government theory domain, and passively watching as my i-host destroyed all of my data for all of my domains: February 2007: PKImaging.com, Knatz.com, InfoAll.org, Macroinformation.org, AgainstHierarchy.org: 4,000 text files (approximates), a similar number of graphics files: drawings, paintings, photos, logos …
And since then, no longer able to get the best jobs, no longer able to keep the worst jobs, I sit passively and let this and that state bureaucracy pay me, feed me … fix my teeth, prescribe and build my hearing aids, monitor my macular degenerative sight loss … All I have to do to be a welfare recipient is to be a victim of the state.
You’re a victim too, iin more ways that I can point out to you, but you didn’t fight back. You didn’t at least fight by my side, you didn’t fight in harmony with my Jesus-, Tolstoy-, Illich-derived christian anarchism.
And, as far as I can tell, you don’t get my Abelard-derived, Shakespeare-, Swift-, Twain-jokes!


About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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