Masonic Armstrong

So today’s headlines blare that Lance Armstrong is quitting his fight against doping allegations. But the first thing I do in the morning is check my email, and Friday’s email always includes a newsletter from Cecil Adams’ The Straight Dope, and today’s newsletter repeats a piece, as a “classic,” that explains why established churches eschew masonism: in pk parlance:

Because masons assemble a Chief Architect for a god from existing god names and churches don’t want members, don’t want anyone, realizing that that’s not much different from what they, the churches, did. In other words the churches don’t want anyone to become aware of how arbitrary and artificial and unexamined their theology is … how utterly without foundation their authority.

Remind you of anything? Well, it reminds me of Lance Armstrong, and Barry Bonds, and Roger Clemens … and our preposterous believe that a society of kleptocrats with their managed media, institutions, information, misinformation can still pretend to believe in, and to offer for belief, concocted icons!

Masons, Straight Dope said,

When they climb a little farther up the ladder, however, they learn that the real name of the Great Architect is Jahbulon. According to British journalist Stephen Knight, Jahbulon is a combination of the names Jahweh; Baal, the god of the Canaanites, whom the Jews regarded as false; and Osiris, the god of the Egyptians. Ergo, Freemasons are pagans.
This accusation shocks most Masons, few of whom take the rituals literally, at least in English-speaking countries. (French lodges reportedly are more openly atheistic.) Masonic apologists argue that Jahbulon represents a sort of primitive ecumenism. But leaders of established churches recoil at the suggestion that their conception of the godhead is no more valid than that of the golden idol crowd.

Serapis by Emma Hanson

(Manufactured) god Serapis
(sculptor Emma Hanson)

There, fer instance, is a sculpture (made for the movie Agora) (bravo) of a god not worshipped by folk over millennia, but specifically invented by Greek rulers of naive Egyptians. The Egyptians imaged gods with hawks’ heads, the Greeks liked gods to look human: so the rulers authored a compropmise: they took a Greek template (human, a guy with a beard) and decorated it with Egyptian associations: culminating in a flowerpot for a hat: perfect for Christians to mock when they sabotage everything that’s gone before them. (You really must see Agora!)
For the Greek rulers of Egypt Serapis was sort of like how the fictions of American education weld details about Jefferson to utter myths about Lincoln! Manufactured icons.

Twenty-first century citizens in their governed non-free market, with its klepto ideas, looking for the optimum stimulus for buying new refrigerators, assault our eyes and ears with American gods, all cheats, wearing flowerpots.

In 1970, sick of schools that had never understood a things they pretended to teach, I (following Illich) offered an internet that a people with a will to be free and independent, free of inappropriate management, could have supported to try to topple fake democracy and to create a real free market, with volunteered information only, paid for by users (or lacked by users). The public didn’t support it, the public didn’t get it, the public got instead was this internet, the one the powers wanted them to have: a plagiarized concoction of MIT, Pentagon, and CERN. But you know what, defeated, broke and going blind, deaf, etc, I love this internet: I love the little porn images that punctuate the concocted “news.” I won’t see Lance Armstrong anymore, but will always see prime bottom round …

stock ad, used without permission stock ad, used without permission stock ad, used without permission

No matter how much I love my girlfriend, no matter how real my girlfriend is, I love these advertising concoctions too. We don’t know their names, the supply seems infinite, and we don’t have to read allegations of doping! or bust implants! or machine fat-leeching!
The pictures, odorless, stainless, lifeless make you think you’d suck anything on any of those girls: with no ill consequences! No wonder we saps buy all those refrigerators!

Mozart said to Always leave them wanting more. Not in English, something Austrian perhaps. Mozart was a great artist. I am a great artist: so great that few thus far have had a clue so much as to what my art is! But I don’t always take Mozart’s good advice: Here, you want to see a couple more of those intrusive popup images?

stock ad, used without permission stock ad, used without permission stock ad, used without permission

There! That girl with the backpack: she’s not quite associationally, eidetically ordorless, is she?
Micron by millimeter we’re led. Next thing we know we’ve got shit on our nose.

But at least we’ll have a lot less Lance Armstrong!

2013 01 17 The public torture of Armstrong continues. Now he’s confessed before Oprah. Now this and that authority say it isn’t enough: he’s got to swear under oath. Now: I’m prepared to agree that the bastard is a scoundrel, a liar, a cheat. What I want to know is, where does this and that authority get off pretending they’re not?! How dare this and that sports agency now pretend that their participation was legitimate while Lances’ was illegitimate? Didn’t they present the cheater as not cheating? If the Olympic committee accepted druggies into competition, funneled money, prizes, their way, where do they now get off pretending that they are or ever were legitimate?

Bonds cheated? How come there’s still a San Francisco Giants? Didn’t they too benefit from the cheating? The newspapers, the TV, didn’t they too benefit? Establish someone who isn’t a cheater, swear it to God, invite God to smite all cheaters, don’t allow a bank to hold a penny till it’s all been purified …

2013 01 31

This is about cycling and to be frank it’s about ALL endurance sports.
Publicly lynching one man and his team will not solve this problem.
Lance Armstrong

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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