Recover Law

One of Ivan Illich’s basic prescriptions for humans to become worthy of survival, to achieve worthiness of Christianity, was to “recover law.”

Now I dedicated my life to Illich and welded Illich’s take on Christ to my own (already compatible): but; Illich’s and my takes and paths are not identical. I see the point, applaud the point, yet still ask:
Um, recover? When did we ever have it?
I would say that we would do well to achieve law.
And I’m not at all sure we’re capable of the task.

Think of it this way: whose word should we take? When does God speak? When do our bluffs get called?
Where’s the objective correlative?
The cop tells the Jew that he’s upholding the law as he steals his piano and then the gold from his teeth: when does God take the Nazi by the scruff of his neck and correct him?
Or, if the Nazi is right, and God is on the Nazi’s side, when does God highlight the Reich with an aura of divine license?

Where’s the objective correlative?

We say we’re law abiding. We cite ten laws in the OT, add two in the NT; but write volumes more, so many laws no one can read them, no lawyers agree on what they mean. The more we write the less is clear.

How do we know whether our claim of lawfulness is correct?
Obama’s state murders people in Asia: where’s God’s exemption? clear, unambiguous, not written by a kleptocrat?

I believe in law in theory; I disbelieve it in fact.
We need to respect those trying to interpret the universe: Newton, Einstein … Bateson, Prigogine … Illich, pk.

Our interpretations are fallible. And maybe the basic impulse is wrong: gravity operates regardless of what we understand: what does understanding have to do with anything?

Well: trying to figure out what the law really is, what the universe really is, is a kick.
I’d enjoy it more if others weren’t also kicking me in the groin while I struggle.

Illich kept his humor, man, he was kicked plenty.

Picture this: there’s Jesus on the cross. It’s a torture to hang, it’s a torture to breathe. He’s placed himself in a position where we condemned him to torture, guilty of having tried to help us. It’s all so we can be saved, because God loves us: us, the Christ killers: descendants of Sodom. Now: for every agony of Jesus’ we will feel perfect bliss for ever.
You can’t beat that deal!

So: it’s not enough for Jesus to feel agony at hanging, and agony at breathing, we have to give him vinegar on a sponge where we know his thirsts is keenest? So: Jesus’ suffering increases, when it was already unbearable: do we now feel bliss even more infinite than the bliss we were already feeling?

If we kick Jesus in the crotch while he’s hanging and while he’s sputtering at the vinegar, will that increase our bliss?

Or do we still have things backwards? Maybe torturing Jesus will not get us into heaven!?!

What if we’ve got it wrong: increasing Jesus’ torture will not increase our bliss?

We stole the kid’s lunch money, we dishonored our mother, we killed our god: we lie and cheat … We talk about law as we steal land, ideas, wage war … steal and pervert Illich (and pk’s) internet …
What if God is ready to forgive us and love us for stealing the kid’s lunch money but is not ready to love or forgive us for still torturing Jesus’ disciples?

How would we know who Jesus’s disciples are?
Stop! Look! Listen!

Are we really interested in salvation? or do we just want to shoot the last gram of cut cut cut cut heroin: that no longer gets us high anyway?

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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