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After I was assaulted, June 1997, by my park’s manager, the pre-terrified neighbors doing nothing, my best friend, (Catherine, old and blind, doing nothing, also terrified that she’d lose her home if she uttered a peep), I was introduced by my Mac student, Gladys, to her patriot friend, Willow. Willow introduced me to David Chapman, the founder of the then-current Sebring militia. The law was protecting the wolves: David preached armed resistance to both the wolves and the cops. I knew that the law protected the wolves, was a wolf, but I preached passive resistance against all forms of coercion. I was talking to a lawyer, ha ha; Willow thought I should talk to a soldier.
But meeting David took a while: David was in jail, only impartially recovering from the pistol whipping the police had given him as they dragged him from his church (his home was his church, he was the leader of his own religion). When I finally met David it was memorable: his father drove him to my place, and as the father witnessed our meeting his jaw dropped lower and lower: I was the first person his father had ever seen who not only agreed with 1% of what David said about the government, but was saying it before David could brow beat me with it! His father was stunned. Could it be that there was anything, any tiny something, to his son’s anti-state ravings?

(Uh oh, I now realize I’d already drafted a report on this same history: I’ll edit them, merge them.)

Nothing much happened between David and me: he fled, left Florida, found a haven upstate NY, but his ravings email proved to me had turned 100% lunatic, his God an equal lunatic. We have always though been 100% in agreement on the evil of the state. Meantime: patriot Willow was in love: she’d met someone who knew a little bit of history. I saw shadows in the standard portraits of American founders: Benjamin Franklin, George Washington. Willow wanted to purify her patriotism.
But, she’d made a mistake. I am not a patriot; I am an anarchist. No, I don’t throw bombs, I don’t countenance coercion or violence of any kind. I recognize that people are and will be violent, I approve of offering people better things to be, but I emphaticallly disbelieve that turning people into cops, Nazis, soldiers … I don’t believe that organizing violence, giving it government sanction, is proper behavior.
I don’t want us to worship Lincoln instead of Jesus: I want us to be free to find shelter, food, a mate … a life: leaving others free to do the same. Tigers and typhoons I have no quarrel with; Nazis against typhoons I do have a quarrel with.
Sending us to schools, will we or nil we, to preach about Benjamin Franklin (or anything else) I do have a quarrel with.

Anyway: Willow and I founded ShameOnUs. Intended it to become, I’d edit the web site.
Instantly Willow piled me with articles she’d written, never understood my request to receive them as digital text: I’d post them online, I didn’t not want to type it all and correct it for her: I was busy typing (digitally) and correcting my own stuff: stuff.
Willow promised financial support for the .org, introduced me to some patrons, then, apparetnly seeing that I was an anarchist, not a patriot, poisoned all the wells we’d waded in. She never paid what she’d promised, she choked off the patrons she’d introduced me to.

patriot Willow cofounder of ShameOnUS
patriot Willow, cofounder of ShameOnUS

Boy, did Willow ever doll up house house each Fourth of July. She had Franklin door knockers, Betsy Ross porch sculptures …

Anyhow my first project with Willow was to author a piece on Robert Morris: who helped finance the young US, signed this and that founding document, helped finance the war of independence, and was left high and dry and jailed when he went broke. Some of what he gave us were loans we never repaid.

Shame on US!

I then added a series of articles on our borrowings, plagiarisms of Iroquois-an democracy. I’ll rebuilt some of them here:

Robert Morris coming
The Great Law of Peace

Social Order

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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