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Bullies Don’t Allow Secession

When I was a kid the Bible was ceded to as the authority, I was told that it prescribed marriage while singing praises to marriage. I believed that Jesus did not approve of divorce.
That was a kick in the teeth: my parents were divorced. Were we damned? Was I damned before I’d done a thing?
[Added: Gradually I saw the possibility that God, the Bible, and Jesus were stories humans made up to give authority to practices they already had: people married, this way and that, then said that God told them to do it exactly that way, kill anybody who doesn’t.]

Soon it seemed though that divorce was not only possible, it was almost prescribed. Then I read Shaw, in my late teens, early twenties: he said divorce should be be as easy as ordering chips. By then, that made sense to me.

When I was a kid Lincoln was a hero for keeping the south in the United States. As I matured though I thought: if contracts can be made, surely contracts can be unmade, broken, renegotiated … Abbot cheats Costello all the time, surely Costello ought to be able to move out, find a new roommate. If I agree to work for GM, and GM enslaves me, surely I have a right to quit, to run: an obligation if our talk about freedom is to mean anything.
It made sense to me: thirteen colonies formed a United States. If New Jersey sees that it made a mistake, of course it ought to be able to drop out, make a deal with Maryland … with Mexico, with Sutter …
JW Booth screamed “Tyrant” when he shot Lincoln: damn right: how could anyone not agree?

Elect by “democracy,” get a tyranny! Typical, typical.

I don’t agree that Lincoln should have been shot, just as I don’t agree that Lincoln had the right to shoot anybody, let alone declare total war on half the continent! burn houses, kill children … Leave Lincoln alone, leave Hitler alone: let God shoot them.
We should refrain from interfering in God’s business.
See Thomas DiLorenzo’s The Real Lincoln and also his Organized Crime: details the Civil War’s total war among many another thing.

When the US arrested me, concocted lies to convict me, didn’t allow any rational defense, tortured me into a confession, I tried to explain to my public defender that I wasn’t a US citizen, I seceded years and years before. Ha, ha, he chuckled, seeing my point, and ignoring it: never mentioned it to the judge! any more than he explained to the judge that I, as a messenger of God, a disciple of Christ, had offered an internet in 1970, that the US’s internet was perverted plagiarism of mine, blasphemy, a plagiarism of god! Mine was intended to offer a tool to people to free them from states (and churches), including federations of states (including Christian churches!) the states took my liberation tool and co-opted it into a tool for increased slavery: like Colt inventing six shooters to help little guys but then selling all the Colts to the biggest badest bullies! for use against the little guys. or was it that the bullies just took them all, monopolized them? I offered gatekeeperless information, the gatekeepers added their own gate: and instead of paying me a royalty, just knocked me down, stomped on me.
Ah, but god had shown me that could happen. One big use of the Bible. The Christ killers will do whatever they want, and declare themselves sovereign: call themselves Christians, agree among themselves that Jesus loves them, God forgives them …

[Hey: just because God etc is invented, a ratinalization, a fiction, doesn’t mean that there is no god, that there are no messages, no truth, no survival intelligence …] [Even were Jesus a con man, that doesn’t mean that god couldn’t have been using him to offer us good advice …]

What a fake God is doing doesn’t limit what a real god can do.

2012 09 09 I add a few things scrapbook style, edit anytime, the above is already much chopped around:

When I got out of jail, I think they wanted to get rid of me almost as much as I wanted out — is it good or bad that they’re too chicken to kill their captives? — I wanted political asylum, preferably in Brazil.
Brazil: for two reasons:
1) Ivan Illich had been friends with a bishop in Brazil, it was to that friend Illich had confided his intent to oppose JF Kennedy’s Alliance for Peace (with the RC Church), that’s how CIDOC got founded. How it got refunded once the Church cut it loose is a different story. I thought there was a chance that that bishop or some friends of that bishop might have half a clue as to what I was talking about, what my experience might mean.
2) But also, in jail, I’d met Brazilian Marcio. Marcio introduced me to his South American friends, chock a block in the fed detention center in Miami, political prisoners jammed like sardines, as the most intelligent man on earth, a saint, a genius, his teacher, etc. and Marcio invited me to come live with him at his expense once we were both out and he back home preparing the way for me. (Home was the hang glide capital of the world. His mom owned apartment houses, a big farm: thus, Marcio offered a free apartment in the city, a retreat outside the city …

I didn’t yet know that the fed was censoring me, destroying all my domains, all my online data, screwing up my networked computers at home … I didn’t yet know that the fed was destroying what little was left of my business, destroying all possibility of my supporting myself.
I had no Social Security since I’ve never been a member of the economy, but the fed was already doling some SSI to me, maybe they’d dole to me in Brazil, maybe the Church would give me a corn cob to gnaw on in a corner of the grave yard. Or the Church could kill me. They tried to destroy Illich without killing him, maybe they’d take a step further with me.

Anyway: would my account of having seceded from the US help impress Brazil?

I went to St. Catherine’s Church in Sebring, made an appointment with the Jesuit I’d heard they had there. This Jesuit invited me over, I introduced myself, referenced Illich, tried to reference that history: CIDOC, Illich friends in Brazil, pk friends in Brazil … The guy became remote, chill. said he didn’t know anything about South America, said I should talk to the regular pastor there, a Hispanic. took my card, promised to pass it to this priest in charge, go home, he’ll contact you.
I’ve never heard from the guy. And I’ve heard damn little from Marcio.
I suspect that Marcio is damn glad I’m not there, eating half his sandwich: though I know he really did want to introduce his pet freak genius to his daughter, his mother, his son, his neighbors.
The fed destroyed all Marcio’s businesses too. It’s a shame Marcio never realized how I could have helped him rebuild, with just a little platform to work from; but he wanted me retired, living on him, having nothing to do but hang glide, fish, meet the girls …
Cheez, look at the pix of the girls drinking beer with Marcio: at Caramba, but I love Jan.

Anyway: the Confederate states tried to secede: Lincoln, the Republican Party, conquered them. (That’s a DiLorenzo joke: a good one, literally true it seems.)
I jump up and down, yelling that I secede, the Nazis arrest me, concoct fictions, the born-cowed citizens trip over themselves to believe any lie presented by any thug with any gun.
These people can’t be saved; still the only worthy game is to try: at least pretend to try.
Expose the marks as being taken by shoddy illusions, the deception entirely the responsibility of the deceived.
The Nazi rapes the French whore, says, “In nine months you’ll give birth to a bouncing Aryan, Heil Hitler!” and the whore replies, “Within ninety days you’ll have syphilis, Vive la France!”
The Nazi thinks he’s winning, but it’s disease which is winning!

Anyway, Friday the Straight Dope reprinted a Cecil piece on secession: How do I go about renouncing my U.S. citizenship?

Cece has a cartoon of a bureaucrat directing a rules-following-would-be dropout to a room where all such citizens may douse themselves in gas and burn themselves to death.

Cece offers procedures:

(1) Leave the country. There is no procedure for renouncing your citizenship while still physically present in the U.S. The government has the idea that if you’re mad enough to renounce your citizenship you probably don’t want to keep living here.

OK, read as much more as you want at Dope. I quote it to introduce my comment:

The US took root here, I see that.
Why doesn’t the US see that I too was born here?
I agree that the US was born here before me, but why should that automatically give it rights I can’t also have?
I don’t want the US here, why doesn’t it go away? Why should I have to leave?

OK, it has the bombs, the cops, the schools, the paid sycophants, it runs the courts, takes a huge chunk of the economy, I’ve already been shown all that, I concede it. So: they didn’t kill me the second I arrived at kindergarten, still didn’t kill me when I was still showing intelligence by the 7th grade … didn’t kill me at graduation, actually let me out!

OK: I’m willing to leave, to go to Brazil, at least I was in 2007, now I’d be willing to go to Canada, with Jan, if she invited me. If I showed up in Brazil, Marcio still might give me half his sandwich. I might like his mom. So why doesn’t the US make an arrangement with Brazil? or Canada? or Jan? “Here, put this guy in the graveyard, give his a corncob to gnaw.”

No, no: the US just knows how to stomp.
So how come the US doesn’t have some girl and her computer underground in Las Vegas park a drone in my ear? take out me and Sebring and Jan along with me?

Notice: if the US allowed malcontents to vacate, would it still have the funds to build drones, brain wash girls, build computer abattoirs underground?

Honestly, I prefer the idea of the kleptocrats vacating and leaving the turf to the convivials. Instead of three hundred million people gabbling resource, we could have a few million people fishing, hunting, lolling around.
Wouldn’t need any damn school system.

Never mind all that: when the bullies allow dishonesty and stupidity only, should they really still expect to survive themselves? Vive la syphilis.

2012 09 14 Just read:

Of the five countries the United States invaded and/or acquired in 1898, Hawaii is the only one that became a state. That said, I have come to understand that even though Hawaii has been a state since 1959 and an American territory since 1898, a small but defiant network of native activists question the legality of both developments and do not consider themselves to be Americans at all. Which is pretty easy to pick up on when they’re marching past you down the main drag of Honolulu on the fiftieth anniversary of statehood, carrying picket signs that say “We Are Not Americans.”

Wonderful book, Sarah Vowell, Unfamiliar Fishes.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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