Eye Spy

I’ve read some wonderful wisdom on spying, invasions of privacy, in our pop art, pop lit over the decades: I’ll jot a bibliography as details come to me. Mickey Spillane, I (Eye) the Jury, profound, profound, whether he’s a gorilla or not. Keep in mind McLuhan’s point about the imperial culture since the Renaissance being a visual culture: Russians eavesdrop; westerners spy!

I bet I’d be embarrassed to be a human in most cultures, but this is the one I grew up, old, and helpless in. Gentlemen do not read each others’ mail, said an early CIA head: he wasn’t head for long: teachers look in your shorts, give your grades to strangers … The culture is dedicated against privacy, against decency …

K. had a piece on a movie, FX, where Brian Dennehy and Bryan Brown break into a loft in NY. When they leave they don’t bother to lock the door, I’m not even sure they close it!

I was just reading a passage in a Ross Macdonald novel where Archer gains entrance to an occupied beach house under false pretenses, goes into a bedroom, sees a purse, goes through it, opens the wallet, notes the currency: large bills, small bills …
We’re supposed to report crimes (the state only means crimes against whites by blacks!): what would happen if crimes in fictions were also reported?
But of course very few crimes are reported, near zero if it’s a powerful institution, like the CIA, committing the crime: or, the crimes are reported, then filed: in the circular file: on the floor. The Vatican Library, and culture’s library, will hold documents which are shared and documents which are concealed, and no library’s holdings equal the whole truth.
I like the idea of Judgment because it assumes knowledge both complete and true, a really funny idea.

Bibliography: to start
Leslie Fiedler
In a minute I’ll check my library, there was a really good book centering on journalism and nudist colonies: guy did a series of social journalisms.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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