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Church story & Jail story

I looked into the telescope as a kid, wow. Before long the older kid had me looking into it holding it backwards: double wow. One way made something far away appear big, close up; the other way reduced it to tiny, made it look far away.

The first time I looked into a microscope I saw nothing, maybe a blur, then I saw something, realized it was my eyelashes, reflected back up at me. Finally I saw the slide the teacher had inserted, saw what I was supposed to see.

In Sunday school, eventually, the Sunday school teacher, reading and rereading some passage, gets you to see what you’re supposed to see, convinces you that you‘ve seen it. In school school eventually, the teacher, reading and rereading some passage, gets you to see what you’re supposed to see, convinces you that you‘ve seen it.

Bible scholarship is very very tricky. On the battle field the general knows yesterday’s report, but is supposed to update it from today’s report: yeah, yesterday the enemy was over there, snoring, right now they’ve tunneled under the fort! In the newspaper if yesterday’s report said that your stock closed at $10, you say Sell! your broker will still look in today’s report, see that it’s $7, ask if you’re sure. But the Church hands you an 1600 year old document, tells you it’s 2000 years old, tells you it updates the 2500 year old document the Jews present … And then additional scholarsship shows that the symbol everyone had thought meant “goat,” with the dead fly on top of it has been read for a thousand years as “imperial divine majesty.”

Notice, you’re supposed to be able to compare what the paper says with what the broker says, with what the check says, with what your bank statement says. If anybody notices that figures disagree, something is wrong.

There’s no way to check what the teacher tells you because you have to spend all your time with that teacher, you can’t check anything: and if you wait till you’re out of school, check, and report discrepancies, the same state that put you in the school will make sure you can’t afford paper to scribble your report on! No citizen in his right mind, under the thumb of the state, would listen to you if you embossed it in gold: unless the embossing showed more gold than Fort Knox had. Then you‘d be listened to.

Culture is full of instruments we don’t know how to use, are lied to about how much to trust, and instruments that show very different things depending on which end you look through.

Here: I repeat my basic, despised, sabotaged, silenced, censored account of what the Church should be reading to us:

In the story, the god created the world, created man. Man was sinful. (Well, that part makes sense.) God purged sinful man, allowed one pair to escape, with one pair of everything else. But man was sinful.
So God sent himself, as his son, went to the Temple, scolded the priests for rejecting a sacrifical lamb as defective, then selling it to the next sucker as pure. So the Temple ganged up on him, got the war lords, Rome, to torture and execute him for them:

all because he loves us so much, so much wants to forgive us, and that’s the magic rite that makes it true: murder the god, eat the god, live forever in bliss.

That’s Christianity, right?

Jeez, pk is writing another doosy: one misspelling, one typo, one diction slip, grammar ambiguity, and the whole thing veers off into the poor tree. But only where there’s no will to understand, combined with a whole lot of denial of the obvious. 2012 09 15 I’ve caught some of the typos.

Once upon a time the Church preached that Jesus loved us and that God would forgive us if

If we repented! If we atoned. If we mended our ways.

This was the Church that had been selling indulgences, practicing simony …
Now along came the Protestants and they taught St Paul, faith, faith, faith: faith to the hilt. We got the magic right this time, just believe. Murder the Indians, enslave the n-s, cheat the government, God loves you, God owes you bliss for eterntiy, if you just say you believe!
[Bowdlerizing K., 2016 08 02 To me a syncopated word is even more offensive than the straight vulgar term.]

Now: here’s the thing that Christians pretend not to see: and they’ll torture you in a thousand ways if you try to tell them: they’ve got their epistemolgy backwards! If they’re selling a stock they’ll want the most up-to-date information, verifiable six different ways: it’s about money! If they’re selling you their conviction of their faith, St Paul, Rah Rah Rah! then they’ll control the documents, they’ll hold your head as they force you to read, and the documents will be the (second) oldest set, another set with not much of a scholarly foundation.

All my life I’ve been among people muttering in hate groups on Monday and chanting on Sunday how unworthy they are but how much God loves and forgives them.

(What would happen if God showed up with an opinion of his own? Well, we saw what the Temple did!)

OK, what would happen if a disciple of a disciple showed up?
God isn’t here, that we see, Jesus isn’t here; what if Peter were here?
Well, Peter isn’t here, that we see, but some disciples of Christ can be discerned: Ivan Illich!

Jesus seems to have said to be nice to each other. Whatever Jesus said, Ivan Illich did say:

Be nice to each other.

I said, “Be nice to each other.” Read Illich. Form an internet of cybernetic data bases for community resources, with cybernetic feedback quality control mechanism: no coercion, no supervision, no gatekeeping of information.

There’s that’s 100% compatigle with what I understand Jesus to have said.
If the Bible doesn’t say that he said that, the Bible is missing something.
But there’s no need for you to miss anything, think about it: wouldn’t that make a better world?

The privileged would have to agree to give us some privileges, but that’s better than evolutionary failure.

Anyway, that’s what Illich said, in my words, but you have Illich’s words, check for self. That’s what I said is a tiny extensino of what Jesus said: or ought to have said. It’s what god ought to say.
If god doesn’t say it, you’ve got the wrong god.

OK. What I say, what Illich said, (what jesus said,) is something you can understand or misunderstand (or misquote, pervert). But there it is.

Uh … How come no university, no church, none that I can think of, know that I said that? or anything like it?

Notice: the fed arrested me, threw me in jail. This was after Illich got invited on TV then disinvited from TV, published sold well, then disappeared. Even libraries which have catalogue cards saying they have this or that Illich title will fail to come up with the book when requested: systematic theft!

The the churches, lying ignorant dishonest mongrels go right on selling the foolproof magic formula for cheating justice: just believe.

Here: self-deception in action:

2006 Oct 16 I’m sitting in my underwear, writing to K. a guy with a flower pot looks lost, I open the door a crack, keeping my underwear out of sight, and a dozen or two guys in flack jackets with assault weapons wrestle me to the ground, cuff me behind my back: just following orders, just like the soldiers who scourged Jesus.

The sheriff and the FBI interrogate me, asking the same questions over and over again until they were satisfied they could contort my answers into something treasonous. Then they stripped me and refrigerated me in St Lucy County Jail, shipped me to Fort Pierce federal court, even more refrigerated, me just as stripped, then shipped me to filthy ugly frozen cells in Palm Beach, horrid clean frozen cells upstairs, and finally the relative comfort of the old man’s dorm there.

First they’d put me in solitary, telling everyone I was a dangerous terrorist. This guy?! the guard scoffed. But a week later they’d decided I was as harmless as a doughnut and turned me loose among drug dealers, wife murderers, arms runners.

The guy I met in the court’s refrigerator [federal court holding cell, Fort Pierce FL] told me that he couldn’t wait to get back to Miami, he’d plead guilty if they’d just send him back to FDC Miami where they issued warmer clothing, two sets, and had better food. Boy, did I too want to get to Miami.

Notice, the NT, what we have of it, doesn’t give details of what happened to Jesus between the garden and his trial before Pilate. One thing: I bet they didn’t refrigerate him.

OK, bounced here and there, after a few months I too finally got to FDC Miami. It had its horrors, but it had its interests too. I made a sort of friend, then more, quite a few more. I enjoyed the hell out of some of the religious services. The best were run by South Americans, RC by training, but they’d reinvented fundamental Protestantism: It doesn’t matter what a sinner you are, just believe. Boy, that jail was full of belief, bursting at the seams.
But a hillbilly showed up, a fundamentalist Protestant among the RC-born spics, from Kentucky I think. He wondered about me. I told him who I was. His reaction was entirely predictable. He didn’t hear me. He didn’t understand the implications: or, he did, and repressed them: same as all the churches, universities, schools, media had been doing for half a century or more, with me personally, for millennia before I had a person.

This Bible leader was worried about me. I had messages from God, I was a disciple of Jesus: I wasn’t grovelling for forgiveness, protesting what I believed. God was sure to burn me in hell if I didn’t quick reform.

It’s exactly the same pattern the rabbis pulled with Jesus!
God won’t forgive God, ’cause he doesn’t parrot the rabbis!

They don’t want today’s stock quote in matters of faith; they want millennial lies and mis-readings, mistakes tempered by lies: all in the pursuit, success guaranteed, of self-deception.

I loved that guy: he was such a perfect marionette.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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