Funny Pix

I’ve gotten funny pix in the mail recently, saved, have to share:

rod & beer

A fishing buddy sent that one.
There’s a credit right in the pic to a As I say, I got it in the mail.

binkini bloat

The daughter of my friend in Brazil shred that one on Facebook. That one says go.funpic.

Early 1950s Mad comix had mock ads, just as they had mock stories. One of my all-time favorites lampooned the before and after ads of cheap magazines and comix, page was stacked with such “ads” like stamps in a cheap stamp collection book. This one pretended to be for corsets. Shows a fat lady, flesh oozing off her like the Michelin Man, that was before; in the after pic the identical cartoon fat lady was squeezed into a svelte corset. Her fat, already disgusting, bubbled out of the ends of the corset like oatmeal boiling over: his triple chins tripled, her belly was squeezed onto her thighs. I still laugh myself sick.

But this girl in this bikini! Her nipples can’t be covered by that little top, but they look too obese to assault anyone. Her crotch is inundated with fat: ugh: where’s the adorable pussy mound? Part of the effect it took me a second to analyze: she’s pulled the bikini crotch, the patch supposed to cover the female opening, is pulled up over her belly! There can’t be anything between her legs but thong. She’s covering the wrong embarrassing part!

You know, I love breasts, nipples, same as anyone; but I do not love nipples with areolas the size of dinner plates! Yug. No: cute little pink tipped things, nipples that talk back! nipples you can tell when you’ve gotten them erect!


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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