pk Quotes 3

Accident partnered with experience is no accident.

It may be that few non-numerical “things” are truly infinite
but what could come closer than the human will to self-deception?

Categories are for convenience.

God, order … law … These are ideas that humans contemplate without the competence to contemplate them well.

It’s the self, not the universe, which is illusory.

Take heed, solipsists.

How many times should be be indulged to crucify Jesus before God says that’s one time too many?

The guy whose guts your bayonet is caught in is likely to be another one of those least of Jesus’ brethren.

Stupid people’s stupidity is boring: smart people’s stupidity can be a riot.

There is no knowledge; only belief.

But of course some beliefs are better based than others.

Any portrait of civilization should show lost nature as its collapsing base.

Hope diminishes, despair waxes with experience.

It doesn’t matter who occupies the pinnacle of the temple when the temple is about to fall.

If anything symbolic is universal, it’s ignorance.

It may be that Christians are saved but how can we know who’s Christian? until God himself shows us?
Or is God just a rubber stamp for any preposterous human claim?

If it’s good for General Motors it’s almost certainly bad for society.

So stupid, the state would put the resurrected Jesus in Sunday School.

If the society bankrupts in benefactors then absolutely the society should not be helped.

Between humility and hubris, hubris wins.

We are unique, but it’s not unique to be unique.

It doesn’t matter what the cannibals say. It doesn’t matter what the missionaries say. It doesn’t matter what the judge or Congress says.
It doesn’t matter what some god who gives other people’s land away says.
What matters to me is, What, if anything, is true?
And, if nothing is true, what still matters, to everything, is: what, if anything, comprises a viable life form?

Any authority always has at least two purposes: a theoretical purpose, the purpose claimed; and at least one more: a purpose which can only be inferred by analysis of actual experience with the authority.

Real education (like science) has an active half life. It will always degrade: drastically.

People believe that superstition, the right ritual, will give them the magic to control the god who controls their luck. No number of stories, no plots illustrating the opposite, can affect that belief. People’s beliefs are connected neither to experience nor to literature. Politicians join God in understanding this. No matter what you do to people, people will still believe that they’ve got pie coming: and that they’re doing their best magic to make it come.

The cannibals will always fail to recognize the missionary as more advanced. The superstitious will always fail to recognize the scientist, the philosopher. The priest will always fail to recognize the teacher. The church will always punish new messages from god (that is: nature, survival, the universe, science …) On the other hand, sometimes the cannibals may be right: and the missionary, the teacher … is in error, an exploiter, a kleptocratic imperialist.

It’s not that I want to give the land back to the Indians;
I don’t acknowledge that the Indians ever owned it.
I don’t acknowledge that we own it to give: “back” or in any other direction.And can someone explain to me how peoples such as the Lakota, the Mohawk, the Apache … are Indians?I thought early residents came across the Bering Straight: India is south Asia!No, not you Isaac Asimov: I know you know.I feel — both instinctively and rationally — that communication has been and will be the triumph of our race: communication with oneself, others, with one’s culture, past-fact and future-possible, communication sympathy with the universe—that joy is the coming to consciousness of living reality—that my own joy is maintained most intensively by a proximity with literature and by writing what and when I must. This proximity must be maintained by reading, teaching, writing, publishing—whatever. I feel that I have learned a great deal and one of the most joyful responsibilities of wisdom is education. Thus, education it will be, in any or all of its forms.

pk Fellowship application, NYU, 1963

For the early Renaissance, the universities were the ideal technique for taking a scare resource and making it abundant. Contemporary schools are the ideal technique for taking an abundant resource and making it scarce, a cheap resource and making it expensive.

It isn’t true unless it’s paradoxical.
(Minimally, predict the meaning otherwise to be trivial.)Life, like non-life, even more than non-life, is self-organizing: leave it alone.

Culture has enormous power to seduce (or overpower) its members into acceptance of its cosmologies: its maps of (itself and) the universe.
Science is the only tool (occasionally) adequate to letting the universe “speak” for itself: so often contradicting the conventional cosmology.

There’s no deception like self-deception.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones” but names are what we go to war over.

Music is a coherent set of discrepancies among counting systems.

The culture is busy shoving cretins at us, billed as “the best and brightest.”

Science is the only human enterprise not routinely rigged so that certain truths are excluded:
Contrast church, state,
family, the press, law …Kleptocrats will never tolerate the introduction of evidence incriminating the kelptocracy: that’s why kleptocratic states must control all media. pk will die, his witness against his society unheard.

School is artificial scarcity, factitious expense.

To know ourselves, we must study to know God.

Reasoning can be no better than the theory reasoned with.

A reason religion is taught early is so that nearly no one will be able to think analytically about their “beliefs” as an adult: same reason we pledge the legions of the flag with bandaids on our knee.

A society’s records must never be trusted because a society never knowingly incriminates itself.

god is whatever’s what about whatever is.
What we can conceive of god is
whatever is just slightly over the horizon.

Man is dead
Long live Life.

All have some ability to determine the truth. Some have a genius for it.
All have some ability to deny the truth. Some have a genius for it..

The function of law is to protect the successful thefts of the past from present ambition.

The denizens of hell routinely think they’re in heaven!

The public is never guilty.

Church and State are siblings, that both offer magical solutions to “problems” which I strongly suggest are pathological on the part of the public to begin with, that our sense of cause and effect is so naive as to beg trickery.

Governments tax.
Governments spend.
Then they tax more so they can spend more,
taking always a portion
for themselves.Anything else?
Governments expand.
Contraction, like stasis, is death

(Kleptocracy expands exponentially!)Real skills, appropriately specialized, can serve community;
false skills, falsely specialized, destroy community.

People trust their governments to cheat on their behalf.

History is the story of the present taking credit for what it opposed in the past.

The ethics of a situation are determined by the moral sophistication of the ruler—the mental instrument—doing the determining.

à la Mandelbrot

What’s wrong with us cannot be brought up in polite society.
Man protects his deepest follies under a veil of the sacred.One glaring example is our belief that we are the point, the purpose, the target of existence. We’d do better to see ourselves as a series of steps in evolution (and to forget about ontological purpose: at least until we know a great deal more (and are a great deal less vain).Standards are nice: there are so many to choose from.

You can think or say anything you want: so long as it’s orthodox.

Unorthodox points simply do not register on ears trained for orthodoxy.

The eye sees; the mind selects.

We don’t need sound reasoning: we’re the good guys.
Anyone who would live should endeavor to identify the good guys. Then, recognize the pathology of their delusion, and strive to avoid them.
I don’t want any Bolshevik teaching me Communism on the point of a bayonet any more than I want to be taught about Jesus at gun point: and I don’t want to be taught democracy by coercion, with bombs hanging over my head.
The good guys are devils encroaching hell onto earth.Stupid creatures can’t conceive of their stupidity.That’s what makes them stupid.
(Intelligence … stupidity … I could have expressed it either way.)Fact … Evidence … Proof …
Such concepts require an epistemology at least roughly agreed upon.

Cain didn’t kill Abel till Abel had already killed Cain’s habitat
(farming displacing herding).Re: Politics:What if anything can be done to bring intelligence to bear on the structure of human society?Kleptocracy can operate only by the majority accepting the proxy of stewards.

Our churches preach morality: on stolen land.

The law is “there” to protect us: the way a chicken coop is there to protect the chickens: not only from getting eaten by the wrong fox, but from finding the freedom of the natural world.

Seeing may be believing, but it isn’t necessarily the truth.

School is so that semantic incapacity and epistemological naïveté are promoted over sophistication and competence:
the graduates are then labeled, falsely of course, sophisticated, competent.

Society must not be confused with the species. Kleptocracy must die.
Long live man.The Titanic cannot be shown
that the Titanic can sink
until it sinks.
Then the Titanic can show itselfSo of what help is intelligence, communicational channels … to vainly sentient species?After the flood, universities will be filled with professors teaching ark-building.

… as the spectrum of informational complexity moves left to right, the axis lifts off the horizontal, lifts “up”: toward meaning.

The tone-deaf stone-deaf still rule.

In our politics, we proclaim our innocence
(In our wars, we enforce our innocence);
In our religion, we know we are guilty.

Macroinformation exists in the space between the digits.

How can there be “science” in a society where the “scientists” beg for funding from the illusionists?

kleptocracy: where the illusionists hold the stage even when their illusions suck: fizzle, are transparent

The truth matters: permanently.
What everyone says is the truth
matters only temporarily.

The function of myth is to tell the truth:
so simply, so blatantly, that no one gets it.

Uncle Sam, protecting us children: from everything: except Uncle Sam

The thief does not own the jewels he’s stolen. The thief may hold the jewels, hide the jewels, display the jewels, recut the jewels, reset the jewels, sell the jewels; but the thief does not own the jewels. The thief may get a document from other thieves saying that he owns the jewels, but it doesn’t matter what the group of thieves say. The thief does not own the jewels.

Society is a conspiracy against the obvious.

Cream rises, but not as high as scum.

The bigger the bureaucracy, the stupider the society.

We repress holiness and leadership and intelligence by bestowing authority on the parochials (AKA: leaders).

Real justice would solve the population bomb over night.

Secular institutions block out the light as surely as any stone age temple.

There is no executive in nature.

The culture is blind of much of its own beauty while it’s staring straight at it!

The Church hasn’t always been dishonest;
The Church has always been inept.

White people tolerate black genius in the whore house on Friday night; not in the bank lobby on Monday morning.

As wildness is weeded, life loses.

What may be true in the long run lacks bearing on those of us in the short run.

These days most sacred cows are secular: the state, the school …

In a terrarium, only the artificial survives.

Lies are given broadband while the truth can’t get on the subway.

A duck can’t represent a goose, and no Lilliputian can rightly supervise how Gulliver tells Lilliput about London.

In science the evidence has the last word,
in society the experts have the last word: and the first word too.

Science is rendered impossible by coercively state-run everything.

Jesus’ words had blood on them, so do mine.
The society’s everything has blood on it.

We make up our religion as we go along.

Judged by our judgments, hell will remain our home.

We don’t live in communities; we inhabit state-interfered-with failures-at-community.

Nazis would know what they are if what they are weren’t beneath their notice.

Human Record Keeping: None too honest, none too bright, foaming with opportunism (and filtered by mass-ego).

The universe is filled with signals, most of which we don’t get.

Society is a con.

Priests monopolize funds for salvation to silence the saviors.

Only fraud rules unchallenged.

In theory authority can be identified with truth and the right; in practice, authority is indistinguishable from power.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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