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These words are so polluted it’s near impossible to use them at all wisely, but what other choice do we have? to succumb to delusion without a peep: let Big Brother suffocate all of us?
I’ve just undergone a revelation, a conversion. Yes, another one: 74 years old, true anyway. Thank you, Albert Jay Nock, Our Enemy The State. Hard to tell from here, but:
The human institution of government is not quite the same as what nations have come to know as the state.

Government emerges from the behavior of large groups. It’s OK. I now for the first time in decades accept it. If we say, “Jim beat Patti again, I bet he’s laying low at the lake. I’m busy with the harvest, Ralph is busy with the harvest, but LeRoy and Jeremy have their crops all but in. Let’s let LeRoy and Jeremy go out to the lake and knock some manners into Jim.” That’s government.

If Jeronimo is tired of being harried by conquistadors and for once, instead of running, turns and kills three conquestadors, so that other Apaches see, also turn, and kill six more conquistadores, that’s …
Whoops, first I misspoke, did a false start: it’s not government; but it is a half-step toward government. It’s not centralized, top-down; but it is a step “up” in self-organizing complexity: the group is manifesting itself on a higher plane.
It’s OK, I accept it as legitimate human behavior of a sustainable sort. (Meantime, know: my talking about Geronimo is triggered by my reading of Brafman & Beckstrom, The Starfish and the Spider.)

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But when Joseph says, “Jim beat Patti again, I bet he’s laying low at the lake. You, Kilroy, and you, Ralph and LeRoy, you give me half of your harvest, and you Jeremy, take Willie and Dick, and go to the lake and open Jim’s skull up for him,” that’s state. Ugh. And that’s not OK.

The first scenario is a human institution, not a disease. The second is parasitic, anti-social: not healthy, our enemy! not OK.

My hope all along has been that God, or nature, or luck … would find some way to adjust human numbers so that we fit possibility: adjust population size, adjust our size, make us much smaller, give us tinier appetites, so that there would be a way for us to survive before nature says, Uhuh, and just kills all of us.

People aren’t good at seeing this problem. Government will never see it. The state will pretend to see it, but actually sees nothing but its own utterly unbounded ego.

In a healthy human population schools may emerge when Meg and Tilly and Margaret say, “We’re busy, we’ve got more kids than we can nurse: we don’t want to just bash the extras’ heads against the tree, here: Sally, you keep the kids in this room and rehearse Homer with them.”
But under a state, the Stalin, the Napoleon, the Tiberius Caesar, says, “Here, you: Meg, Tilly, Margaret, you perfume my bath, and you, Sally, you rehearse the kid’s in this litany of my virtues …” That’s the state version. Ugh.

Cut it off. Operate even if the operation kills all of us.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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