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Mission: to make us aware of the negative artificiality of civilization

Starting around 1998 I wrote and rewrote modules with the above title: Civilization. Now 2012 I want to rewrite them all: but first, I’ll throw up some of the old versions, then blend, edit, revise.

2006 03 16

Civilization: people who won’t look through Galileo’s telescope judging Galileo, judging god, determining reality by what they miss as much as by what they see. Next generation looking through the telescope is assigned, Galileo sanctified, but the people who have no concept of decentralized processes and next to no relevant data judge Darwin, judge science, judge life. Then Darwin is assigned by people who can’t use a computer but gang up on Alan Turing.

Now, here’s a harder part: we know about Galileo, what it was all about is taught in school, what it was all about may not be properly understood, properly said, but some gist is there; now: what about the innovators ganged up on who left no impression on the societies records?

Did god keep a fossil? The Jews had an Eve half a dozen millennia later DNA scientists come up with an Eve. The “evidence” had been there all along, just invisible prior to DNA science. Fingerprints were there before people could read them. We have no idea what else may also be there: some of it still to be notices, the remained never to be noticed. We have no way to tell what god notices except where what he notices (or doesn’t) fails to jibe with what we notice.

2006 01 23

I am against any creature having too much power. I am against any entity having too much power. Any creature or entity must have some power. Even microorganisms need to move on occasion, a human has to be able to stand up, to walk. Even a charity needs some power: finding the poor person, handing him some bread, tending his wounds … takes power. I am against too much power: and I don’t trust any institution to know the limit.

I don’t trust any institution, kleptocratic or pre-kleptocratic, to know much of anything reliably. Individuals can know things; groups only think they know things: and that’s already too much power.

Most of all, I don’t trust any institution to know for five consecutive minutes which individuals are which. Thus, cops have too much power, industry has too much power … libraries have too much power.

Give & Take

In human society, however organized, the takers outnumber the givers.

Dressed, camouflaged, parasitic, the takers eventually take everything: including the giving mantle of the givers.

The takers cannot possibly learn how to sustain themselves because they have mislabeled everything.

Civilized man cannot process unrehearsed thoughts.

Once the chick has consumed all of the yolk, once the once-strong shell breaks, the fledgling finds itself shell-less, flightless … nothing there to take: a once rich environment squandered — competitively!

Then the game ends.

God can start all over, from scratch:

Or just scrap the stupid thing.

My original civilization module quickly became

Civilization: Everything Nice versus Kleptocracy

Civilization is set up so that those who didn’t believe
that God had given the Canaanite’s land to the Jews …
or that Americans perhaps shouldn’t kill the Cheyenne … or the Vietnamese
are never heard from.

The top file, the name file, of an important topic should be pithy. Pith is something I’ll be back to add more of here. For example:




Sin: that which is unnecessary:
Therefore, civilization is based entirely on sin.



About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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