Two Religions

CosmologyComplexity0 / CosmologyComplexity1

CosmologyComplexity1 is about as far as we’ve gone yet.

Everyone’s religious: meaning: we believe far more than we know.

Maybe once upon a time there was only one religion. For all I know maybe once upon a time there was only one dimension. But, just as scientists tell us there’s only one (surviving) species of human (with variants), there may have been lots of variants to everyone’s one religion: this group may have prayed to a god named “Moloch” (who devoured children), but let some of the parents live (and some of the other children:) (heaping actual benefice upon them!)

That was religionone: everybody believed that the universe would bend over for their personal benefit: you found the oil, but I pushed you in the well, and now the oil is mine!
(Everything else is gonna be mine too, ’cause I’m gonna push everybody in the well!)

Christians came along and labeled all non-majority religions “pagan”: Either you’re 1) Christian, or 2) an infidel, or 3) a pagan. All that could be developed, way-expanded upon, but never mind, another time, later: right now I’m quick-outlining this point:

There are two religions. The first, the original, was simple: the universe is magical, and the clever magician can get it to bend over backwards (so Cain can murder Abel). Might as well call it pagan. It assumes a simple cosmology: one, or many gods (what’s the difference), presiding over a flat earth … for your personal benefit (if you can just find the right ritual).

But things are no longer one dimension. And there’s now, and has been for at least a couple of millennia, a second religion, one with a complex cosmology. Christianity, read my way, exemplifies it:

There’s one god, over a flat earth, and one religion among the flat earthers, but they’re sinful, and this god sends his only son to be lied about, and sabotaged, and tortured, and killed … so that Cain can steal Abel’s oil well.

No, no: I’m sorry, I can’t always help those snide remarks from sneaking in. Truish or not, they’re beside the point for the moment. What I’m trying to say, clearly, is that in a complex cosmology we may people the universe with liars, morons, the unjust: kleptocrats: murder, deicide, cannibalism and vampirism of the god typical behavior.

But still even members of religiontwo don’t get it!
They say that the Temple betrayed Jesus; but then they pretend that their Church is different!
(If they don’t pretend that their Church is different, then they do pretend that their University is different!)
Jesus can’t get a fair shake at the temple, but Einstein can get a fair shake at MIT. (Oh, Princeton, what’s the difference?)
Or their Democracy!!!
Details may differ, but that’s the universal drift.

Now: religionone is egregious enough: you can go to war over whether the god is named Yahweh or Allah (but try asking if we’re sure the god’s name isn’t Mildred!)
But religiontwo is in more than one way even worse (the religious just don’t get it)!
They say that Jesus came (OK so far). They say that the Temple sandbagged him. (Yes, fine, proceed.)
Now they put up somebody called Peter (or Paul, or Cyril) and tell you that Peter (Paul, Cyril) knows what Jesus said!?!?!?

That’s like the FBI asking NYU what I said while I was there! NYU doesn’t know what I said! They wouldn’t listen! And wouldn’t have understood one word if they had listened.
That’s like someone in religiontwo expecting someone in religionone to understand some point about religiontwo that the religious in question himself doesn’t understand, doesn’t even know needs understanding, couldn’t have it explained to them on the best day of their lives.

Oh, and it’s also like asking the judge what the Constitution says! N different judges, N different answers.
Even if we had God’s actual Bible, how would we know what it means?
Someone says he can read: how do we know the document actually says what he’s saying it says? And why should we believe the document no matter what it says?

We find the food, we eat the food, next day maybe we’re still alive: that’s all we know.

Cosmology Etc.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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