Civilization a Trick

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I believe that mankind was a trouble to himself and to the biosphere before the invention of civilization. That belief is based on a lifetime of disciplined study. That belief is shared and supported by scientists the likes of Desmond Morris and Jared Diamond. To their scholarship I add the belief that civilization, which Diamond more accurately calls kleptocracy, is a trick played on our species by god and nature to get rid of us: fast and final. Give the grab-ass drunk whatever he wants: he’ll kill himself the sooner.

Dating from the Bible we get a “world” approximately six thousand years old. That’s an accurate age for kleptocracy, agriculture having developed only a few thousand years earlier. Our genetic Eve mothered the modern species about one hundred and fifty thousand years ago, in Africa of course. But politically modern man is six thousand years at the oldest: coercively religious man, the self-author of laws from above. You must realize that by geological time six or ten thousand years is nothing: an instant. We managed to survive Y2K with hardly a ruffle, but by last minute hysteria, not by rationally imaginative planning. What will we do when we realize that the remaining fossil fuels will be harder and more energy wasteful to get at? What will we do when we discover that the animals we’ve domesticated are almost as stupid as we are, too stupid to live without intensive care approaching that of a hospital? What will we do when we realize that fewer and fewer people can afford bottled air or water, the once plentiful air and water now poisonous? It won’t do to eat the people who profited from the poison: there are too few of them. Besides, they’ll be eating us. We widened extinction’s drain hole: We reamed it smarana with a golulé dildo. note How will we enjoy gurgling down that drain ourselves?

Will our institutions help us? How? Has there ever been an honest one? One intelligent; not just wily? Ivan Illich accuses civilized institutions of coming to serve ends incompatible if not opposite to purposes given in their charter. Do teachers know the subjects they teach? Are priests any better in touch with God than you are? Is God really god? Is there anything associated with church, state, or industry that’s as advertised?

There are a number of theoretical constructs in our vocabulary that don’t sound bad in theory: Christianity, liberty, capitalism, democracy, communism … Have we ever given any of them an honest try? Laissez-faire: why have any government at all? Democracy: a kleptocrat can call anything he wants to a democracy: but then how can women, slaves, felons, foreigners … be excluded? shouldn’t one know how to count the votes? Why have representatives once there’s literacy? or a postal system? the telephone? the internet? No forum should be trusted that wasn’t utterly, universally public.

I’ll add to this. But I’ve already added to it: all over this site. Look around.

I Believe

2012 10 13 Only in the last week or two have I begun to recognize “government” and “the state” as distinct. There may have been a legitimate government or two, but all states are criminal organizations. But, I’m busy resurrecting what got smashed, I’ll revise what I can, building as long as I live: a building people have chosen not to live in (the choice made for them by the statists).


You may have trouble knowing even what dictionary to look in to find some of those words. So I’ll explain two. Smarana is Hindi for having nothing but fucking in mind. I don’t know the origin of golulé, but the priests used the mushroom-shaped things at the Saturnalia to widen the ass-holes of neophytes about to get ritually buggered.



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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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