Obvious Truth

K. Top Page Archive / 2005

The more obvious a truth the more impossible it is to explain to the experts.

The missionary calling the cannibal black cannot see his own color, cannot be shown, has hydrogen bombs to prove that his authority is unchallengeable.

The cannibal can be shown that the Christian is no different from the cannibal, but the Christian cannot be shown.

The Jew, the Pole, was never deceived about the Nazis; it was the Nazis who were deceived about the Nazis.

Christians wear their sin, mistaking it for proof of honor.

Playing to the fools,
playing to the fake king;
versus playing to the real god,
to the truth.

Civilization is and will continue to be the merest fraud so long as key communications fail, so long as both rulers and public fail to hear what’s said to them by God, by saints, by geniuses … by scholars, and by god.

In that series we may see God as embodied by Jesus, (jesusnote–>note) Jesus as embodied by Ivan Illich, and Ivan Illich as expounded by pk. pk has more than a little to say about god too.

Jesus got crucified after a trial that deeply represents the nature of justice in kleptocracies: societies that live by lies told on land stolen by a concatenation of frauds.

Illich got defrocked: after his books were run off of shelves, new ones not published at all, those in print misrepresented by the civilization’s sycophants.

And pk … this site tells about pk and how the messages he carries as well as the messages he initiates have been stifled. (Yet the institutions that showed no ability to understand what I was trying to tell them retain their licenses, continue to issue new licenses: so much Confederate paper.)

In nature, sandbagging someone you fear isn’t a crime. If Gorg hangs Jesus from a tree so he can eat first his arm, then his liver, so what? Gorg doesn’t pretend to be anything but a brute. If Gorg then interrupts Einstein, and hangs him from a tree, to eat his kidneys, so what? Gorg doesn’t coerce attendance in a school, doesn’t pretend to certify excellence.
Thus, pk anarchism is merely my contempt for fraud. Kill the Iraqis, take their oil; but please, cease this balderdash about Why.

Those who see the Institution’s ass are beneath the Institution’s notice.

Top Page Archive

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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