In Loco Parentis

A girl posts a candidate’s abortion comments online, she gets stomped by the college etc:

In Loco Parentis, means in place of the parents, means that the school can send you to your room, no need for a lawyer, no judge, no jury: just like parents. The school can send you to bed without supper. Society straddles more than one double standard, here’s a glaring one.
Do we mean what the legal theory says? or do we really mean what the dictator can get away with without a big fuss?
The king can’t just behead the courtier, but can just behead the slave, the foreign diplomat … the cook? the whore?

The religious branch claims one thing, the secular branch claims another, people are caught in the middle.
If I can birch the slave without any explanation, why can’t I birch my wife, my daughter? why can’t they birch me?

Bibles pretend authority on such things, but of course they’re written by us.

How do we know what’s right? check back in 1,000 years and see who’s alive, who’s flourishing; who’s diseased … Or maybe being alive is no standard either. Check back at Judgment and see who God embraces.
Check back later and see if God is still God. Ponder whether or not the divine coup was legitimate? or just another piracy but at a meta-level.

If it’s good for General Motors it’s almost certainly bad for society.

I’d thought to write something with this title a few days ago, had planned to pun on “loco”: place in Latin, crazy in Spanish: un poco loco parentis. The state as parent is more than a little crazy. Then this news item triggered me.
Who knows, maybe another species could learn to live without the state and without parents. Pro’lly not.
Parents certainly have their uses for big brained, ritually complex, slow-growing critters who change their environment every other day.
Parents are often absurd, but the state is always wrong. And schools, colleges … are generally masks of the state: the mercantile state: not a free market, a dictatorship of “Fortune 500” corporations.
The college pretends to serve the parents, to serve the student, the society; what it really serves is the employer.
If it’s good for General Motors it’s almost certainly bad for society.

More may accumulate, scrapbook style, on other occasions.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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