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Luther told people to read the Bible. Tyndale translated the Bible into English. He was executed, first strangled, then burned, same time Columbus was asking for ships. A couple of years pass and King James is paying people to translate the Bible! They use Tyndale’s translation!

Illich told people to use cybernetics to network themselves, to build community data bases. I said I’d do it. I was strangled if not burned: Illich had already been defrocked, had the rug pulled from under him. Years passed, and the state shoves an egregious perversion of my internet up your nose! Putting its hand in your pocket to pay for it, making sure no more than one penny reached me!


In the Bogie movie the kid sells Bogie a lottery ticket. Later on, when Bogie and his buddy are seriously short, the kid shows up, the ticket was a winner, cash is coming.

Treasure of the Sierra Madre
thanx thesingingcritic

The kid found Bogie to sell him the ticket, the kid found Bogie to deliver the news. The racket was local, amateur: good, friendly service … house calls!

The Houstons’ great movie (father and son: that’s Houston Sr. on the left) put that scene in Tampico: but once upon a time it was a familiar possibility lots of places. Gambling was a home industry. The Mafia ran it, here, and there. I’m not saying there were good Christians, a charity, I’m not saying they didn’t abuse power. I’m saying it was local, homegrown. If it didn’t have some degree of honesty, of efficiency, there’s be no kid selling tickets in the tavern tomorrow.

But then, as in all ideas, good and bad, the state takes over. The state puts the bookie in jail, the state becomes the bookie: with no house calls: except to arrest you.

Does the state pay a royalty to the kid in the tavern? Does the state pay a royalty to the bookie who organized a track? and a race? No. The state puts a track at Belmont and an OTB parlor in Harlem, and the people whose businesses are served by the state, banks, railroads, don’t have to pay for those services: they’ve discovered a way to make the n-s pay for everything! The kid in the tavern gets put in school, the bookie who developed the betting crowd gets put in jail. [Bowdlerizing K., 2016 08 03 Offensive terms go dosido in fashion.

But it ain’t just lotteries: it’s everything! Including the schools. Schools were invented as a way to gather learning into a place where learning could be well served: You preach the Bible to the adults, I’ll teach the Bible at the same time to the kids in the basement, baby sitting for the worshipping parents.
No, when the state kidnaps all kids to put them in school, it isn’t to teach them the Bible, or God; it’s to drill them in the virtues they’ll need to be employed at the bank, or the railroad.

Getting put in school, or put in jail, may not be quite as bad as and getting strangled, then your corpse burned, but bad things have been done to lots of good-doers:
The particular fuss mentioned first here? Reading the Bible in your own language? What’s the main story Luther wanted us reading? God sends Jesus to offer us salvation. We’re heading straight for hell in a hand basket, Jesus shows us a way out.
He didn’t get strangled and burned; he got scourged and crucified.
(I don’t know, I’d rather be strangled and burned.)

Who done it? The state!!!

Tyndale at the Stake

It wasn’t the Jews. Or, or it was, the Jews were using the same state that oppressed them, to silence their liberator: the state of the Romans’ caesars: Tiberius current incumbent: centralized power! Power that monopolized force, brutality, coercion.

If the state kidnapped your kid and put him in school and taught him anything good for him or for you, as distinct from good for the bank or the railroad, that might be counted in its favor. If the state taught your kid anything true or important, ditto. But the state has it’s schools run by a school board. The school board isn’t made up of Jesus, and Moses, and Tyndale: or Einstein and Newton and Darwin … The state doesn’t have to demonstrate some relationship between curriculum and truth! or curriculum and survival! (except in so far as the school will demonstrate a relationship between curriculum and employability: but that’s circular reasoning: the bank employs you because you’ve swallowed what the bank said. Not God, not Moses, not Jesus, not Einstein; the bank!

Prime illustration expanded next.

No matter what I add make sure you see: Jesus healed people, for free the best we can tell from the gospels. But then the state, Jesus dead, started licensing, healers, staffing hospitals, supervising their cutting off your wrong leg and charging you $30,000 an hour to do it, passing on your defaulted payment to the n-s at the OTB.
Want something destroyed? have the state supervise it.

By the way, no matter what else I add in another draft, check out the three major books I’ve been reading on the subject in my Reading Notes: Nock, Oppenheimer, Chodorov.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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